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HOMEPAGE - http://www.ifeelpixel.com/index.htm HTML icon

Title: Haptic Technology* for Interactive Accessibility and Virtual Reality

Description: Application designed to create audio-tactile sensations based on pictures. Add excitement entertainment and presence to pictures on computers.

Keywords: tactile, haptic, touch, feeling, tactual, pseudo haptic, audio tactile, visio tactile, vibrotactile, tactile qualities, tactile sensation, Tactile Sense, tactile feedback technology, accessibility, force feedback technology, Touch Sense, digital force, digital touch, touch computing, tactile vibration

*Sense of Touch on Computers

DESCRIPTION - http://www.ifeelpixel.com/description/index.htm HTML icon

Title: Force Feedback based on Pictures Elements (Text, Games, Graphics ...)

Description: Any pictures elements generated by your computer and being under your cursor position on screen, will be represented with a subjective audio-tactile sensation on haptic device (Immersion TouchSense, Novint Falcon, Tactile Mobile) and a sound card.

Keywords: Accessibility, desktop, games, Immersion, gaming, Touchware Gaming, tactile pictures, force feedback, webcam, photo, TouchSense, sensations, Immersion Corporation, website, images, cursor, excitement entertainment, relief of images, tactile images, 3D pictures, 3D haptic technology, 3D haptic interface, 3D haptic interactions, 3D objects

SCREENSHOTS - http://www.ifeelpixel.com/screenshots/index.htm HTML icon

Title: iFeelPixel - The vOICe (Video Sonification) - Novint Falcon (Gaming Haptic Device)

Description: Already it is known that auditory as well as tactile stimuli can activate the visual cortex of blind people. iFeelPixel is an application designed to create force feedback sensations based on image.

Keywords: TactileWare Gaming, sound, Immersion TouchSense, sensations, discount, games, blind, Sonification, vOICe, Immersion TouchSense Fundamentals, force feedback, pictures, computer users, price, video, products for visually impaired, Haptic devices for blind individuals, gamers, deaf persons, musicians, novint falcon, 3D sense of touch

DOWNLOAD - http://www.ifeelpixel.com/download/index.php HTML icon

Title: Hardware Requirements (TouchSense mouse, Haptic device, Tactile Mobile)

Description: iFeelPixel software allows a user to feel tactile pixels with a simple mouse. The addition of tactile feedback to computer mice can significantly enhance user performance.

Keywords: novint falcon, force feedback, tactile feedback, software, driver, download, Immersion, windows, tactile, iFeel, mice, Touchsense Device, joystick, Wingman Force Feedback, speech add-on, TouchWare, touch computing, Logitech, technology, haptic devices for blind individuals, free software downloads

DONATE - http://www.ifeelpixel.com/donate/index.php HTML icon

Title: Support us to improve Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Description: The basic edition of iFeelPixel™ is a "DonationWare". It literally means that non-commercial users can make a donation of any amount to help support further development and web-server costs or they can become official members.

Keywords: gifts, donation, Money Donation, feedback,license, support, Immersion Touchware Gaming, promo code, friend, force feedback, TouchSense, games, free game downloads, Human Computer Interaction, HCI, Affiliation Program, Refer a friend, Special Offer, Cobranded

ABOUT - http://www.ifeelpixel.com/about/index.htm HTML icon

Title: The Universal Access Community (See, Hear, Touch)

Description: iFeelPixel association is a nonprofit and independent organization based in Europe. iFeelPixel is a trademark registered at National Institute of Industrial property (INPI). iFeelPixel is a collaborative project with other international developer and industrial partners.

Keywords: universality, vision, internet, INRIA, partners, industrial partners, National Institute, Protection, Visualisation, Multivis, engine, W3C, Association, Copyright, Trademark, Sponsor, Technology, Partners, Web Site, Special Thanks, Novint technologies

HELP and SUPPORT - http://www.ifeelpixel.com/support/index.htm HTML icon

Title: Tactile and Force Feedback help Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Description: Here are some simple instructions to get iFeelPixel™ up and running on your system. Use this as your first resource for finding solutions for many common problems.

Keywords: hardware, settings, disabling, hardware acceleration, movies, overlay technology, Immersion, Logitech, support, video, Windows, images, report, card, tactile computers, blind, vibrations, tactile vision, tactual sensation, haptic textile, novint

FAQ - http://www.ifeelpixel.com/faq/index.htm HTML icon

Title: Frequently Asked Questions about Haptic and Sonification

Description: Here you can find common asked questions about sonification and haptic technology.

Keywords: community, Windows, software code, haptics, Member, tactile, technology, edge detection, audio-tactile, images, website, vision, feedback, license, sonification, tactile force, science of haptics, sense of touch, tactile feedback, haptic force

MAIL - http://www.ifeelpixel.com/mail/index.htm HTML icon

Title: Feel free to keep in Touch

Description: People can physically experience some of the emoticons and the instant messages, they see or send. Discussions about haptic technology and multisensoriality to enable universal internet access, regardless of disability.

Keywords: instant message, Computers, disabilities, internet, emoticons, technology, Newsgroups, browser, report, Morse, online friends, emotions, Smileys, Communicate, touch sensation, touch infused, touch modality, touch activated, visualize, audio

PRIVACY POLICY - http://www.ifeelpixel.com/privacy/index.htm HTML icon

Title: We respect your online privacy

Description: We believe it is your right to know what information we collect, how we use it, and what your options are for its use. We may modify this Privacy Policy at any time without notice, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Privacy Policy.

Keywords: web site, privacy, privacy policy, protect, privacy practices, third parties, limited purposes, disclose, Paypal donation, Paypal subscription, encryption, control, administer, Internet, past user information, materials


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