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Helpful Tips

Threshold Slider

This slider controls the sensitivity to pixel noise of iFeelPixel™. Although iFeelPixel comes with default slider settings, it is highly recommended that you calibrate the slider settings to your own liking.

To calibrate the sensitivity, follow these steps and refer to the illustration below:

  1. Press the "Play" button. Press the "Edge detection" button.
  2. Open Help >> Comments and Suggestions, it opens a new browser with some image examples. Move your mouse, over the first image then the next image. Compare the feelings and adjust the Threshold consecutively. If you can feel something, iFeelPixel™ detects one edge. If there is too many noisy pixels, increase the Threshold value.
  3. Adjust the Threshold Slider as necessary until you only feel a sensation corresponding to the image and not a constant buzzing.
  4. Use the "Volume / Strength" slider to adjust the sensations as you like.

iFeelPixel main window Check to enable adaptive thresholding Manual threshold slider (Range: 0 - 255) Manual threshold value (Range: 0 - 255) Pixel value (Range: 0 - 255)

Helpful Tips:

In most cases you will find that default settings yield the best sensations (as shown in the illustration above). But exact setting depends on the intensity composition of the image you are seeing, so play with the setting until it feels good on your computer. You may find that different images feel better with different settings.

Good settings = good entertainment.

Note: you can try to check the "Adapt" checkbox Adapt
This will enable the adaptive thresholding, iFeelPixel will calculate a suitable threshold at different parts of the image.

If you are unable to adjust the sliders so that the effects match the image, proceed to the Sensations Do Not Match Image page in the troubleshooting section.


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