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If you have any questions about the requirements you need, please contact our Hardware department at hardwareifeelpixel.com.

If you need to make a donation or a payment, please send at softwareifeelpixel.com.

Are you a corporate or commercial user? If you can help us out in any way possible to distribute our software or you need license keys for your company, please contact us.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with either the SteelSeries Rival 500/700 mouse or any of SteelSeries tactile applications please submit a ticket to SteelSeries support.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with either the Novint Falcon or any of Novint touch-enabled games please contact us at: hardwareifeelpixel.com

If you already own a Novint Falcon, you can freely try iFeelPixel basic edition or directly register.

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. iFeelPixel Newsgroup
Description: Discussions about haptic technology and multisensoriality to enable universal internet access, regardless of disability.
Categories: Computers > Software; Computers > Games; Computers > Internet.

. alt.comp.blind-users
Description: Computer technology for the visually impaired.

. comp.human-factors
Description: Issues related to human-computer interaction (HCI).

. alt.education.disabled
Description: Education for people with physical/mental disabilities.

. misc.handicap
Description: Discussions of interest to persons with disabilities.

. forum/eyes-free
Description: Announcements and discussions about the Eyes-Free project whose focus is development of applications that provide eyes-free access to the Android platform.

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