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computer hardware and software that simulates humans' sense of touch and feel through tactile vibrations or force feedback
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iFeelPixel™ Setup
Most Current Version: 2.1.9

Status: Stable Release

SteelSeries Engine | TouchSense drivers | Falcon drivers | D2XX drivers

Note: the haptic drivers must be correctly installed on your machine BEFORE installing iFeelPixel.

Contact us to receive username/password

Right click > Save as:



Choose the file you wish to download by clicking on the appropriate download link.
After the download completes, simply run the file and follow the instructions to install.

You are welcome to evaluate this software online and give your point of view.

This download has been scanned with Comodo Antivirus and McAfee, it does not contain any virus. But others antivirus can report a false positive alert if their virus database is not correctly updated.

Please contact us if a false alarm occurs with your antivirus software or directly contact the antivirus software company to correct the false detection.


Installation Informations | compatibility: XP Vista W7 W8 W10 | Others Systems?


[Windows 10] SteelSeries Rivality: Tactile Alerts for Desktop (SteelSeries Engine)

[Windows 10] iFeelPixel is compatible with Full Force Feedback (Novint Falcon drivers)

[Windows 8.1] iFeelPixel package includes Desktop composition disabler

[Windows Vista/Seven] users: please install the latest setup executable on your machine. Desktop composition should be temporarily disabled everytime that our program is running, because it is not perfectly compatible with desktop composition.

[Windows XP SP3] users: if you cannot run the setup executable, please download the Zipped version of iFeelPixel then extract the contents to a folder of your choice (Recommended folder: C:\iFeelPixel, create the folder if it does not exist).

It is recommended to uninstall any previous version, before you install this new version.
If you prever install over a previous installation please reset iFeelPixel settings to default.

Download size: 11.5 MB

Download time estimation:
· 56K modem, approximately 15 minutes
· ISDN, approximately 10 minutes
· DSL / Cable modem, approximately 1 minute
. T1 / Optic Fiber, approximately 10 seconds

Installation optimizations and virtualisation solution:
. Allow the user to choose the installation directory
· Save path for subsequent installations
· No impact on your system (No system registration, No registry settings)
. No reboot required (don't forget to exit any previous version)
· Loading time less than 1 minute
· Runs without "registering" OCX & ActiveX controls.
. No extracting DLLs or OCXs to filesystem
· Can be run from any user account, even if system registry access is denied.
· Runs even if VB/C++ Runtime files are deleted or corrupted.
· Runs even if ActiveX Controls are unregistered, deleted, or corrupted.
. Software Settings are saved in XML format
· Uninstaller included


Additional files

Microsoft Speech API file (828 KB)
English Text-to-speech Engine (2,6 MB)
International Text-To-Speech engines HTML icon

Note: to make the text to speech work, it is recommended that you run the first file, reset your computer, then run the second file, and reset again your computer.

Immersion Force Resource (IFR) complete package (390 KB) ZIP icon
Immersion Force Resource Self Extractor (439 KB)
What is an IFR?

Note: Please extract Immersion Force Resource (IFR) in the IFR folder located usually at "c:\program files\iFeelPixel\IFR" or "c:\iFeelPixel\IFR" or "C:\Users\*\AppData\Roaming\iFeelPixel" Replace * by your username account

Download VB6Microsoft VB6 Run-time files *

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86) *

* Required but packaged with iFeelPixel setup, no further software installation is necessary.



I agree with the above
terms and conditions

END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT - Immersion Web ActiveX Control:

I agree with the above
terms and conditions

Click Download from iFeelPixel.com to start this setup now, then evaluate the software.

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