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Instructions for iFeelPixel TactileWare users

Here are some simple instructions to get iFeelPixelup and running on your system:

1. If you are using a TouchSense (haptic) device like Logitech iFeel Mouse or Novint Falcon, please quit TouchSense Desktop/F-Gen before proceeding, but if you have a SteelSeries Rival 500/700 Gaming mouse, keep SteelSeries Engine running in background.
2. Start iFeelPixelby selecting it in the Start menu or by double clicking the program icon on your desktop, then follow calibration instruction if you use a Novint Falcon.
3. Look at the Toolbar, select any features that interest you and test by moving the cursor.
4. Grasp the mouse/joystick/mobile and feel the relief of images in your favorite environment.
5. Adjust the Volume/Strength slider to the desired level while playing around with images.
6. Adjust the Threshold slider while playing around with images.
7. Adjust the Cursor Speed slider while playing around with images.
8. To Stop the application, click the Stop Button (To Restart the application, click the Start Button)
9. iFeelPixel saves your settings by default, so they can be automatically recalled the next time you launch the software. To disable this function, uncheck option "Save settings on exit":
File >> Settings >> Save Settings on Exit
10. About application in full screen: ALT + TAB out of your application to adjust iFeelPixel settings if necessary.
11 . To quit the application, close the dialog box.

iFeelPixel window

If you don't feel sensations right away, read the troubleshooting section below.


Use this as your first resource for finding solutions for many common problems:

What problem are you having?

Thank you for trying out iFeelPixel™.
We understand that we do not make a perfect product,
f your problem is not listed above, feel free to contact us with our bug report or our Forum.

Registered members of iFeelPixel association can request a Remote Support with TeamViewer:


Hardware Support


Logitech product support

Logitech iFeel Mouse (USB)

Novint Falcon Support

SteelSeries Rival 500/700 driver

SteelSeries Support

SteelSeries Reddit

SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse


Support, reports and tutorials

iFeelPixel™ report test

iFeelPixel™ report bug

Third party software (free software downloads)
Are you searching for new entertainment solutions?

Immersion TouchSense™ Fundamentals

Windows XP Accessibility Resources:

Windows XP Step by Step Tutorials for Accessibility

HOW TO: Use Speech Recognition in Windows XP

How to Change the Font, Size, and Colors of Desktop...

How To Change Screen Resolution in Windows XP?

How People with Disabilities Use the Web?

Use Joystick as a Mouse

How To use a WiiMote to control the pointer on screen?

Multi-user interaction on a standard PC

How To Play a Computer Game in Windowed Mode?

WarCraft III Expansion: The Frozen Throne Warcraft 3 and iFeelPixel

Game title suggestions



Support for Movies

Question: How to feel movies (divX, trailers, *.avi, *.mpg, etc...) from Windows Media Player and other players that use overlay technology?

Answer: A simple solution is to disable hardware acceleration for your whole system.
Go to the Control Panel,
choose DirectX,
select the Direct Draw tab, and then verify that "Use Hardware Acceleration" is unchecked.
Summary: Disabling Hardware Acceleration System Wide (= disabling overlay technology)

If the option to enable/disable acceleration is not available, your video adapter might not support DirectX acceleration in hardware or you might need to install updated drivers.

Disadvantage: Some graphics-intensive programs run slowly or not at all if DirectDraw hardware acceleration is unavailable or disabled.
Also, DVD players usually require hardware acceleration to run.
You may not be able to watch movies from a DVD player.

Alternative solution: install FFdshow codecs, PotPlayer or KMPlayer to feel pixel from video.

Tip: disable iFeelPixel zoom, for better graphic performance

Question: So, how to feel DVD movies with iFeelPixel software?

Answer: Either get a DVD decoder that does not use overlay technology OR allows you to
not use overlay like Nvidia DVD decoder (Free 30 days trial).

Interact with your favorite movie or TV show! Movie title suggestions:

The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Widescreen Edition) LOTR and iFeelPixel


Feel TV!
When using iFeelPixel in combination with a television card for your PC, it allows you to feel live television images as they are broadcast, or VCR recordings of the video in earlier television broadcasts or movies.

Hauppauge WinTV-Go (Model 190)  

Note about overlay technology:
TV cards use the overlay technology to display image. iFeelPixel can't work with the overlay technology enabled. This method actually sends a video signal on top of your video card in a way that the pixels are not actually in your video card's memory. iFeelPixel grabs pixel info straight from the video memory. Please try to disable the Hardware Acceleration of your TV card. (Thanks to Schido and Bill for this note)


This support is based upon TWG help model, created by Immersion Corporation

Immersion Corporation
History of Immersion Corporation

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