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Registration and Authentification for iFeelPixel v.2

You can register iFeelPixel TactileWare on your browser by following these instructions:

1. We recommend you to purchase a professional version with GumRoad then you will receive a download link including a digital copy of iFeelPixel TactileWare in your receipt.

Receipt for iFeelPixel

Alternatively, you can pay a license with Paypal to receive your unique registration information (Username and Password) that will allow you to access the file on our server.

Authentification Required www.ifeelpixel.com requires a username and password

2. If you prefer to choose your amount, please make a donation with GumRoad or send a donation with PayPal in Euro / Dollar.

send a donation with PayPal

3. Finaly, you can pick up an offer from TrialPay to Get iFeelPixel for Free.


Activation of iFeelPixel v.1.6 (Deprecated)

You can register iFeelPixel TactileWare on your machine by following these instructions:

1. Start the iFeelPixel™ Software by left clicking on the desktop shortcut, you can see the software registration (activation) window appearing on your screen:

This product needs to be activated. This file is digitally locked and requires activation before it can be accessed.

"This is an adertising supported trial. You may register to remove the ads" (Basic edition)

"Please enter your registration information below" (Professional version)

2. Check "I have a username and registration code" box then enter the iFeelPixel Registration code and your user name (or email address).

3. Click on "Next" Button.

If the license key you entered is valid, iFeelPixel software is registered and started. Have fun!

Note: This new system of activation is available since the version 1.6, if you receive the message "Vender account disabled", that's mean you need to update the software.

If you still need a remote assistance for the registration, please contact us.


Note: If you have a firewall installed on your machine, you will get an alert warning you about iFeelPixel application is trying to access Internet. It is normal. You must allow iFeelPixel software to access Internet in creating a rule in your firewall settings.

firewall alert when activating iFeelPixel software

What if I have no Internet connection? Not a problem. iFeelPixel TactileWare will allow normal usage scenario if there’s no connection at the moment. You will need Internet connection to perform first activation, though.

What do you mean by that “normal usage scenario”? iFeelPixel TactileWare looks into program usage patterns. For example, if you will install iFeelPixel product on laptop and one day you will decide to take a short vacation to the place where no Internet connection is available, you will be able to run your software just fine. However if you will try to cheat by disabling iFeelPixel access to Internet, that won’t work.


If the license key you entered is not valid , the following message box can appear on screen:

"The information you entered was not found. Please check your username and registration for extra spaces at the beginning or end, and ensure it was typed correctly or copied in full. Then try again."

Click "OK" button to try again. Forgot your license key:

If you have forgotten your registration code or download link you can use this form to have it emailed to you.


If the license key you entered is not authorized , the following message box can appear on screen:

"This software is not authorized to be run on this computer. You may only install the software on one computer per license. You can change computers by visiting the SoftLocker.net support page"

Click "OK" button to continue. You may reset your computer ID to install again the software:

If you receive the message "not authorized to run on this computer" you may reset your registration code here.


If the license key you entered is disabled , the following message box can appear on screen:

"This software has been disabled due to a refund or piracy attempt. If you believe you are getting this message in error, please visit our support page."

Click "OK" button to continue. You may register online to get an official license.


How to translate?

Type the activation code in this textbox Enter your username, generally your email address Download Link