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Save/Export/Import/Reset/Delete Settings
(Updated for iFeelPixel version 2)

· iFeelPixel™ saves your settings by default, so they can be automatically recalled the next time you launch the software. To disable this function, uncheck option "Save settings on exit":
File > Settings >> Save Settings on Exit

· To export your current settings as a ".xml" file (as a ".reg" file for older version):
File > Settings >> Export Current Settings

· To import your backup settings as a ".xml" file (as a ".reg" file for older version):
File > Settings >> Import Backup Settings

· To reset your settings to factory default settings:
File > Settings >> Reset Settings to default

· To delete your current settings:
File > Settings >> Delete Settings

· To enter your profile name:
File > Settings >> Enter Profile Name >>>
Enter a new profile name in the displayed list box .

Profile name:

When entering your profile name, try to be descriptive in the name you choose. For example, if you intend to use those settings with your iFeel mouse, your Novint Falcon or SteelSeries Rival while watching a pic with a tree, a good profile name might be "iFeel-Tree", "Falcon-Tree" or "Rival-Tree". This will help you identify the settings for later use.

Note: please do not use space between characters. The settings will be not saved!
Only use letters, numbers, underscore (low line) or dash (minus) in your profile names or you may experience problems saving or retrieving your settings. Others characters are forbidden.

If you select a name that already exists, you will be asked if you want to overwrite that profile.

To remove a backup file from your hard drive, you must do so manually. Outlined below are the steps involved when iFeelPixel software is started:

  1. File > Application data folder. Browse to the iFeelPixel™ "save" folder location (Old version users must browse directly to: C:\Program Files\iFeelPixel\save).
  2. Each new backup is saved with the ".xml" extension (".reg" extension for older version). Delete any .xml file (or .reg file) that corresponds to the profile name you want to remove.

Tip: Regularly backup your settings to a safe place (CD, floppy, etc...)


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