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iFeelPixel™ BETA 0.4.6 (options: Improved look, more accessible)
Release Date: 25/07/2003
Improving accessibility in progress... the "Tactile Companion" becomes "Audio-Tactile".

This software requires the VB6 run-times files*
* Windows XP/.NET systems have the runtimes pre-installed; also, pretty much any Win32 OS is likely
to have picked them up, so no further software installation is necessary.


Microsoft Speech API file (Speech add-on, part I)

A Text-To-Speech engine (speech add-on, part II)

Additional Text-to-Speech engines (speech add-on, part III)

If you need additional files, that are missing on your machine, please visit: dll-files.com

You need a TouchSense mouse to feel tactile effects.

Immersion Plugin


Immersion Studio - Intuitive Graphical Metaphors
"Adjust force feedback parameters using easy-to-understand pictorial controls.
Depending on the hardware device you are designing for,
see a wave form, feel a wave form.See a grid, feel a grid. See a spring, feel a spring."

Table of Contents

1. New Features
2. Updated Options
3. New Options
4. Optimizations
5. Others updates
6. Know issues
7. Currently Features

Changes Since 0.3 Beta

1. New Features:

- Narrator: Text-to-Speech support

File >> Narrator

- Audio made by internal PC speakers, most PC users can hear it, for Edge, Line, corner detection, Morse, TONAR, Metronome...
(complementary/alternative of tactile effects generated by TouchSense devices and sound generated by sound card)

File >> Audio (renamed to "internal PC speakers" in Beta 5)


2. Updated Options

Texture generation:

- You can see the magnitude value generated on-the-fly by iFeelPixel,
in 2 textboxes: Positive Magnitude & Negative Magnitude

- Added list of 24 presets, same as Immersion Studio
( Note: H = Horizontal, V =Vertical)
Dual H
Dual HV
Dual V
H Bumps Fat
H Bumps Medium
H Bumps Thin
H Bumps Tiny
Down Only
Left Only
Nylon Stockings
Right Only
Sand Paper
Sand Paper2
Up Only
V Bumps Fat
V Bumps Medium
V Bumps Thin
V Bumps Tiny

Make your own texture, then save it!

- Make your own texture, give it a name, save it as ".reg",
then share it with others iFeelPixel users all over the web!

Upload your Texture
Download Texture

3. New Options

- modify the voice speed
- reset the voice speed to default
- list of available voices

- say color if color detection is enabled
- say Instant Message & title of window message if iFeelSmiley is enabled
- read text from Windows Caption
- keystroke to Speech (see Morse options)

- say words above
- clipboard to speech
- stop speaking

Options ---> Narrator
Narrator options

4. Optimizations

- If your TouchSense device have a constant vibration problem,
You can try to increase or reduce the CPU priority of iFeelPixel.

View >> CPU priority >>
Real Time (use it with caution) OR High (Recommended) OR Normal (Default)

It can also be useful to improve the human-computer interaction (HCI).

In many cases no performance problems will arise, but
it is recommended that you fully understand how changing
an application's priority will affect its execution before
performing this step.

- iFeelPixel is loading faster at start-up (50% faster than before)

5. Others updates

- Splash Screen added, it stays visible until the software is fully loaded and operational
(version 0.4.6)

- Immersion Website links updated (version 0.4.6)

- Added "Main Display" options (version 0.4.6):
Stay on top
Center of screen

View >> Main Display

- Hide Window, Icon reside in SysTray (version 0.4.6)
View >> Hide

- "Part of screen" window becomes invisible,
when you select a window or an area = self-immunity (version 0.4.6)
File >> Tactilize >> Part of screen

- Options and icon systray (version 0.4.5)
Right-click on the icon systray, Effects >> Options

- Close all options (version 0.4.5)
Options >> Close all options

- options: Improved look, more accessible (version 0.4.4)

Tip for texture options:
Click on the presets listbox,
change texture via your scroll wheel mouse.

- right-click on the icon systray to Launch Narrator & Audio
effects >> Narrator or effects >> Audio
(version 0.4.4)

- Stay on top for all windows, File >> Stay on top (version 0.4.4)

- Tab Index (version 0.4.4)

- Open Windows Control Panel (version 0.4.4)
View >> Control Panel

- Form resizable (version 0.4.3)

- Alert user if the selected area is too small - Part of Screen

- New place of "Timer Interval":
view >> Timer Interval

- New place of "Stop Effects":
File >> Stop Effects

- TouchWare Entertainment(TWE) is now called TouchWare Gaming(TWG)
Software Link updated

- About updated

- Text options updated:
"skin filter" replaced by "human body filter" - Texture
"Power Magnitude" replaced by "Magnitude Amplificator" - Texture
"detect better text" replaced by "better detection of text" - Edge
"detect better image" replaced by "better detection of image" - Edge

- By default, iFeelPixel seeks files(The vOICe, TWG, Immersion Desktop)
on your local Hard-drive "c:\"
You can change this letter, please see View >> More Info

- At download area, please see the Immersion Plugin EULA

6. Know issues

- Options are disabled (issue resolved version 0.4.3)

- Some tiny bugs have been corrected.
For example: if X.left & Y.top < 0 is saved in the registry,
iFeelPixel start-up window is out of the screen (issue resolved).

- XP theme and graphical issue with label color (issue resolved).

- Detect change of screen resolution improved. (issue resolved, version 0.4.3)
For example: The iFeelPixel window is resizing with a problem...
Solution: click the Play/Stop button

- "Outside Tactilized Zone" appears in the status bar,
even if "full screen" is checked. (issue resolved, version 0.4.3)

- The new immersion plugin (immweb.OCX) and IFC version should keep effects from dropping
out when using your IE browser window for web content. (issue resolved)

Alternative Solution:
Please disable IFeelPixel if a page explicitly has force feedback support.
If a webpage has texture effects on images, it may not be appropriate for
IFeelPixel to generate effects on their images. (Thanks Jason for the Speech)

- Graphics bugs from Windows:

a) Maybe Related to Screen Resolution...
"800 * 600" is recommended

How To Change Screen Resolution in Windows XP?

b) Maybe Related to Font Size...
"Normal Size" is recommended, font by default

How to Change the Font, Size, and Colors of Desktop?

- You need to check the "don't Start with windows" option, before uninstall. (know issue)
File >> Start-up >> don't start with windows


7. Currently Features:

- Edge detection
- Line detection
- Corner detection

- Color Detection
- Tactile Grid
- Texture Generation (Useful for virtual haptic textile, Option detection: human body filter )

- Magnifier
- Demo Mode
- Limit zone

- iFeelSmiley
- Morse

- Narrator (New!)
- Audio (New!)

Download iFeelPixel TactileWare

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