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SteelSeries Engine | F-Gen Drivers | TouchWare Desktop | VibeTonz | Video Sonification

Haptic Drivers and complementary third party products

Free software downloads:

WiinRemote: Program for using Wii Remote on Windows PC

Instructions to connect a wiimote via BlueTooth

Bluetooth drivers for connecting nintendo WiiMote:
BlueSoleil Direct download link

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Novint Store - Feel your PC Games
SteelSeries Engine - Tactile Alerts  

SteelSeries Engine - Tactile Alerts

One application for all your settings - Engine was designed to have a low impact on your gaming rig while handling all of your important gaming settings.

Automatic game configurations - User configurations like the Rival 700's OLED display can change based on which game you're playing. High performance, easy updates, and user friendly.

Use Engine to customize the vibration patterns, duration, intensity, and triggers for your Rival 500 or Rival 700.

Settings across platforms - SteelSeries CloudSync lets you backup, share and sync your settings across all your platforms. Create a SteelSeries ID, login, and send your data to the cloud.

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Novint Store - Feel your PC Games Novint's F-Gen Drivers - Feel your PC Games  

F-gen Manager

Novint's F-Gen drivers allow any game or windows application to be capable of functioning with the Falcon without exception.

The F-gen drivers provide various levels of haptic support for specific games and applications. The three levels of support include bronze, silver and gold titles. Falcon users are also encouraged to integrate their own F-Gen support for titles and to share their profiles with others.

F-gen manager allows you to create general windows profile as well as profiles for a specific game/application. Setting the default windows profile enables those settings for all windows apps that do not have an application profile attached to them. Once a profile is attached to a specific game or application. Those settings will be used any time it is run.

F-gen utilizes various tool to allow force interactions to be added for any game or application through a simple scripting system. Visit www.novint.com or www.tecassault.com for more information on how you can use this scripting system to add forces to your favorite games and applications.

You can read some information on F-Gen Manager including notes on the G-Cube Here.

If you are interested in developing F-Gen scripts, you can go through a Tutorial Here.

You can see some FAQ/Troubleshooting issues with F-Gen Here.

And finally, what you all have been waiting for, you can download the installer Here.

Novint falcon pistol grip bundle

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Novint Store - Feel your PC Games NvENT - Game Store (Discontinued product)  

N VeNT® is your interface to Falcon games, information, software updates, unique content and community. N VeNT® allows you to play, organize, download and purchase games and access personal and community features including:

  • N VeNT® Store – download and purchase games and get automatic software updates
  • Novint Falcon Community – message boards, news, player statistics, scoreboards and rankings
  • Falcon First Club – sign-up for special offers and opportunities
  • Online multiplayer games and competitions
  • Account Management – manage your personal preferences and characters
  • Feelin' It ®: Blind Games for computer users with a sight problem (products for visually impaired, haptic devices for blind individuals required)

N VeNT Store – download and purchase games and get automatic software updates

The Falcon offers types of gameplay that have never before been possible, with game play for blind users or users with their eyes closed. For the first time, many genres of games will be able to be played blind, using the high fidelity 3D touch capabilities of the Falcon. Novint will release a number of games that can be played entirely without sight. For example, in a bowling game, you will be able to feel the extents of the lane, feel the weight of the ball as it is thrown, and hear the pins crash down. After throwing the ball and hitting the pins, the game will bring up a touchable representation of how the ball traveled down the lane to guide the user's muscle memory for future shots, and the user will be able to feel with a 3D cursor which pins are still standing. All the information needed to play the game and become a true master, will be available without any graphics. It is a powerful concept that Novint is very excited about.

See Immersion TouchSense Fundamentals: Gaming or NvENT Store for more information.

Novint falcon bundle

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Immersion TouchWare Desktop - Feel your desktop

TouchWare Desktop brings touch feedback to the Internet and Windows desktop, making it easier to locate small hyperlinks and icons by pulsing as you move over them. Over a hundred different effects are available in Windows, Word, and Excel to help you literally feel where you are on the desktop.

Download TouchWare Desktop >>

Windows XP
Word 2003
Excel 2003

See Immersion TouchSense Fundamentals: Desktop Computing for more information.

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Immersion VibeTonz Studio - Creates Tactile effects for smartphones

The VibeTonz® API is integrated on a variety of mobile devices containing VibeTonz® Mobile Player. For the latest list of devices supported by VibeTonz® Studio, please visit the Immersion VibeTonz Developer Web site at developer.immersion.com or products using haptics.

Mobile Device Center or Microsoft ActiveSync should be already installed and perfectly configured on your machine before you try to install VibeTonz SDK

Tactile Mobile: Creates Tactile effects for your smartphone with VibeTonz Technology.
To date, more than 100 million handsets with Immersion's high-fidelity, programmable haptics technology have shipped around the world.

Samsung Omnia  
immersion Vibetonz technology

iFeelPixel software lets mobile phone users design their own haptic effects to personalize touch feedback. Touch feedback makes the mobile phone user experience more sensory, intuitive, useful, fun and allows users to feel a computer screen anywhere.

From its "Tactile Mobile" option, iFeelPixel lets users create personalized haptic effects through a graphical user interface based on the conventions of Immersion's VibeTonz(R) Studio authoring tool for developers. Users can modify wave shape, duration, and intensity to create distinctive vibrational patterns. These creations let users personalize their phone with unique haptic experiences.

Tactile Mobile Options Attached Devices Device State Number of effects slots Device capabilities Device Actuator Type Set license key on the selected device License Key This editor allow you to set each ot the parameters for a single effect A complex effect made from one or more basis effects Increase or Decrease the period of The Vibration Manual period value Manual duration Value Increase or Decrease Vibration Duration Infinite duration Control the strength of the effect Manual Magnitude Style of Effect Periodic Effect Magsweep Effect Play Effect Pause Effect Stop all playing effects Stop playing effect Attack time Attack Level Fade Level Fade Time Modify Effect Resume Effect

Designed to make mobile communications more personal, natural and fun, Immersive Messaging is an experience that enables people to share emotions, thoughts, ideas and short pieces of information in real time through physical senses rather than simple text, using a shared physical space on their mobile device. See Immersive Messaging.

"Touch technology is the future of user experience for digital devices. By combining our proven haptics with advanced gestural technology, we are significantly advancing usability for all kinds of consumer electronics products, especially mobile phones and other portables," said Clent Richardson, chief executive officer of Immersion. "We're turning the science of haptics and gesture into revolutionary solutions for our partners and for consumers. The concepts we unveiled here today not only address fundamental challenges device makers face, but also point to an inevitable shift toward more natural, intimate and amusing digital connections to the people in our lives. Through our technology, our device partners can delight people in completely new and very personal ways.

Source: Immersion Demonstrates Future of Mobile User Experience at The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital Conference

Samsung's Haptic 2 Phone First to Use Immersion's VibeTonz® System for User Design of Touch Feedback

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The vOICe - Video sonification software for Microsoft Windows

Download the vOICe!

The vOICe Learning Edition translates arbitrary video images from a regular PC camera into sounds. This means that you can see with your ears, whenever you want to. Now step beyond your computer screen and screen reader and try this camera-based "scene reader". With a
notebook PC you can even go mobile. How well you can learn to see with your ears is something that only you can find out, but now you can indeed find out and learn through this Learning Edition, for free!

The vOICe website - Seeing with sound >>


Haptic Hardware >>
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