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New Developer Site Features

  New! Mac OS X Games Support TouchSense Force Feedback
  Immersion has now extended its industry-standard TouchSense force feedback support for games to the Mac OS X v10.2.3 platform. The new force feedback API for the Mac supports force feedback steering wheels, joysticks, and other game controllers with the same ease of development you've known on the PC. Whether you are designing a driving game or flight simulator on the Mac OS, you can now take advantage of the realism that force feedback offers. Youfll aim better, fly farther, drive faster, and generally play better with force feedback on the Mac OS X v10.2.3 platform.

December 2002 Mac OS X Developer Tools for Apple Developer Connection (ADC) members are available.

  We'd love to hear your suggestions for making the Developer Site a better and more useful place to visit. Write to us at [email protected] and we'll take your comments into serious consideration. After all, we're here only to serve you, the TouchSense developer.

New Developer Tools and Resources

Immersion in Macromedia Authorware Kit
  If you use Macromedia Authorware to create educational content, you can add tactile feedback effects to your projects using the Immersion in Authorware Kit. Read more about it and download everything you need here.

  Updated Publish Templates for Flash and Shockwave; Flash MX Support
  Publish templates for both the Immersion in Flash and Immersion in Shockwave Kits have been updated to be able to play your touchable animated content on all Windows platforms. In addition, the latest Immersion in Flash Kit installer now supports Flash 4, 5, and MX versions. Get what you need here.

  Immersion Web ActiveX Control and Plugin
  ImmWeb now allows effects to be played on DirectX devices (FF joysticks, wheels, gamepads) from both HTML pages and Visual Basic apps. Get the Immersion Web Plugin and associated documentation here.

  Immersion Web Designer 1.3.3
  This minor upgrade now makes touchable web pages that work on all Windows platforms. Component libraries (DLL/OCX) also updated to latest available. Read more about Immersion Web Designer and download everything you need here.

  Immersion Foundation Classes 2.3.3
  A new release of the IFC SDK, version 2.3.3, is now available for download. The IFC SDK contains the libraries and samples that enable developers to add compelling TouchSense effects to their applications. Version 2.3.3 adds the ability to write out IFR files from your programs, as well as adding support for new DirectX 8 functionality. Download it from here.

New Games and other Touchable Content

  TouchSense in Unreal Tournament 2003
We received many emails from gamers about how much they loved the force feedback patch for the original UT. Now, Digital Extremes, Epic and Atari are bringing you in-box force feedback mouse support for UT2003. You'll be able to feel all the weapons, menus and pick-ups once again AND be able to adjust four force feedback options within the UT2003 menu.
For more details, visit:

  TouchSense in Civilization III: Play the World Expansion
You loved the single-player strategy of Sid Meier's Civ3, even without TouchSense. Now with the Play the World expansion pack, you can enjoy both single and multiplayer with TouchSense sensations. Firaxis and Infogrames have added in sensations for all menus and advisor screens. You'll even be able to feel unit movements and buildings in city views. Get ready for the fun.
For more details, visit:

  TouchSense in Medal of Honor: Spearhead Expansion
Did you like the cool force feedback effects in Medal of Honor: Allied Assualt from 2015 Studios and EA? Then you'll love the effects in the expansion pack too! This game offers all the gritty appeal that you could want from combat with some of the most realistic force feedback effects ever designed.
For more details, visit:

  TouchSense in Soldier of Fortune 2
You loved the first SOF from Raven Software, and now the sequel brings you optimized force feedback effects with more weapons and mercenary missions than ever before, plus a randomizing map generator for a new challenge every time you play.
For more details, visit:

  TouchSense for "Gearheads" now Online
Motor City Online is a revolutionary PC game where you build and race your own collection of custom hot rods with thousands of real people online! More than just a racing game, MCO is a virtual hot rod haven for gearheads, car lovers, and gamers alike! Make friends, join a club turf war, customize your dream car, battle racers from around the world, all with TouchSense racing excitement. Works with all force feedback and tactile feedback peripheral devices.
For more details, please visit:

  Featured Website
"ifeelpixel" in France Offers Haptic Images. Wonder what it would be like to feel pictures? Check out their website for more details and a sample of their application. You will need to have a tactile feedback mouse installed.

  Developing some really excellent touch-enabled software or a spectacular tactile website? Tell us about it, and we might just send you a TouchSense device to help you in your efforts. Send developer unit requests with a detailed description of your project to [email protected].


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