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iFeelPixel™ BETA 0.2 (Release Date: 02/12/2002)
The Tactile Companion for Visual Applications is back!

This software requires the VB6 run-times files

You need a TouchSense mouse to feel tactile effects:

Immersion Plugin

Table of Contents

1. New Features
2. Updated Options
3. New Options
4. Optimizations
5. Others updates
6. Know issues
7. Currently Features

Changes Since 0.1 Beta

1.New Features:

- Select a part of screen (updated in beta 5)
(select window or area / Capture Image to clipboard or file)

Select part of screen


- Morse Engine: Text and Keystroke into Morse
(Adaptive Morse effects....you can Modify frequency, duration, Magnitude...)
Useful for HAM radio operators, alternative of alphabet braille...
iFeelPixel Morse : Converting text to Morse...

Online Morse Code Encoder/Decoder by Dennis Schmidt
Although you could also use it to encrypt small texts. If you do so, remember that morse code is an international standard and that makes this encryption method not really secure
Usage: Enter the text or morse code into the corresponding (upper) box.
The correct translation should appear in real time in the box below. If not, click the button "transform".

Spaces between the words in morse code are symbolized with " & ".
The letters in morse code are separated with normal spaces.



- Texture coded colour system
(customize your own color with Immersion Studio)

Please visit the tactile.org websiteTexture coded colour system

3. Updated Options

- Edge Detection:
1) modify frequency (based on brightness)
2) Slider added to modify the frequency range

- Tactile Grid settings: Offset X and Y added

- Texture Generation settings:
1) Customize the texture with new settings
2) Lock/unlock negative value to positive value
3) Choose a constant Magnitude

(The reset to 'default' values button doesn't close anymore the option)

3. New Options

- Choose Timer Interval (1-999ms)
- Stop all effects!
- Save Settings/Reset Settings

4. Others updates

- Removed Features Expiration (after a 30-days evaluation)
- Systray menu
- Added Keyboard shortcuts
- 'Information' Updated / View >> Info
- 'About' Updated

5. Optimizations

- Improved default timer Interval: 200ms >> 55 ms
(Please customize this setting as you wish:
10 ms is the better choice for realistic impressions of haptic forces...Thanks for the tip, Stuart!
Be cautious! below 55 ms, strange things can happen because of visual basic timer issue)

- Improved General Detection: when the mouse doesn't move, but the pixel quickly changes...

- Improved support for the following pointing devices:

- Ifeel Mouse
- Ifeel MouseMan
- Kensington Orbit3D Trackball

- Added a dialog box to warn users of a potential conflict with
Immersion TouchWare Desktop. This dialog box will only be
displayed if TouchWare Desktop is running and a mouse from
certain manufacturers is plugged in.

- Enabled DirectX peripherals


Know issues

- System shutdown doesn't close iFeelPixel™ (Fixed)

- If an another application (ex: internet explorer...) is using the Immersion Plugin,
iFeelPixel™ tactile effects will be stopped...
please close others applications and restart
iFeelPixel™...(know issue, see beta 4 )


7. Currently Features:

- Edge detection
- Line detection
- Corner detection

- Color Detection
- Tactile Grid
- Texture Generation (Useful for virtual haptic textile, Option detection: human body filter )

- Magnifier
- Demo Mode
- Limit zone

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