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Change List for iFeelPixel TactileWare

iFeelPixel™ version 2.2.1

Compatible with SteelSeries Rival 500/700, TouchSense Devices, and Novint Falcon.

"The Universal Multimodal Interface Access: Haptics Technologies for Interactive Accessibility and Virtual Reality"

In association with INRIA
(The French National Institute for research in Computer Science and Control)

Keywords: Tactile Alerts, HyperLink, TouchSense, Visual Force Feedback, Rumble Feedback, Tactile Mobile, Tactile Feedback, Auditory Feedback, Full Force Feedback, Multimodal Interface, Novint Falcon, Touch

Release Date: February 16, 2018 (Status: Stable release for Rival, Falcon and TouchSense)

(C) Copyright iFeelPixel Association, all rights reserved, protected by:
Inter Deposit Digital Number (IDDN) certificate from Agency for the Protection of Programs

(R) iFeelPixel is a legal trademark registered at INPI

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· Mouse (computing) definition from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Table of Contents

1. New Features
2. Updated Options
3. New Options
4. Optimizations
5. Others updates
6. Know issues
7. Available Features

Changes Since 1.9 Beta

1. New Features:

- Collision Detection for Virtual Reality, Video Game, Media Player, Invisible cursor (v.2.1.7)

- Multimodal multisensory interactions interfaces (Pro feature) (v.2.1.6)

- SteelSeries Rivality: Tactile Alerts for Desktop (v.2.0.0) and for Windows (v.2.1.2)

The mouse is no longer merely an input device; desktop users can now feel Tactile Alerts, aiding them in decision-making. Customize every aspect of the alerts from intensity to vibration patterns. SteelSeries Application Engine must be installed for SteelSeries Rival 500/700 Gaming mouse to enable tactile alerts

Open iFeelPixel interface > Options >> SteelSeries Rivality

SteelSeries Rivality

More tactile zones may be introduced in the future with new haptic devices Most of these effects have "softer" versions that feel softer. Any effect suffixed _100 is the full power version of that effect, while a different number suffix indicates relative strength on a percentage basis. SteelSerie Application name SteelSeries Tactile Event Get a SteelSeries Rival 500/700 Tactile handlers are used to control tactile notifications on supported devices with motors for vibration like the Rival 500/700 wich has a single motor for this purpose. Set the length (in milliseconds) of tactile effect. The maximum length of the supported list may vary by device. For the Rival 700, the maximum possible length is 140, with each custom event counting as 2. Set the delay (in milliseconds) between tactile effects. It will control the delay in milliseconds between the vibration and the next vibration A static frequency specifies that the vibration will always be repeated at the given frequency. If that frequency is zero, then they never repeat (are only played once). A static frequency of zero is the default if the "rate" key is omitted. If you want the vibration to happen only a certain number of times rather than flashing continually, you can specify the Repeat_limit key within the Rate value. (0 = infinite)

- Windows 10 Compatible with Full Force Feedback enabled (Novint Falcon drivers) (v.1.9.0)

- Augmented Operating System notification service via cursor State (v.1.9.0)

- HyperTouch: HyperLink Detection for browsers / Custom Cursor Detector (v.1.9.0)

- Windows 8 Compatible! New setup includes a Desktop composition disabler (v.1.8.1)

- New multimodal file menubar

I. Visual Force Feedback (To enable pseudo-haptic effects with a simple mouse, Optical illusion)

II. Haptic feedback is divided into 4 parts:
1. Tactile Alerts (Custom/Predefined vibrations for SteelSeries Rival 500/700 mouse)
2. Rumble Feedback (To enable Rumble effects for Nintendo Wiimote).

3. Vibro-Tactile Feedback (To enable Vibro-Tactile effects for Tactile Mobiles).
4. Tactile Feedback (To enable Tactile effects for TouchSense devices).
5. Force Feedback (To enable force effects for Novint Falcon).

III. Auditory Feedback is divided into 3 parts:
1. Sound Card Feedback
2. Internal Speakers

3. Narrator Voices

Multi-modal feedback including the sensation of touch proved to significantly increase speed and reduce error rates.



2. Updated Options

- "Force Resource" choose the right extension when Image, Picture, Video or Music folder is selected (v.2.2.1)

- Automatically and randomly loads an image if there is more than one in folder (v.2.2.1)

- Load local image when user click the picture file and File path added (v.2.2.1)

- Grid with Motion detection updated for Audio features and Falcon devices (v.2.2.0)

- HyperTouch Cursor speed range based on Grid strength and saturation settings (v.2.1.8)

- Motion Detection added for Grid Generation Options (v.2.1.8)

- HyperTouch improved for the Falcon 3D Haptic device (v.2.1.7)

- HyperTouch added for Visual Feedback, Sound Feedback & Internal Speakers (v.2.1.7)

- HyperTouch enhanced for the Window Area and Task Monitor (v.2.1.7)

- HyperTouch updated for the Falcon 3D Robotic device (v.2.1.6)

- Task Monitor updated for the Falcon 3D Haptic device (v.2.1.6)

- "Reverse Space" added in Grid Generation Options (v.2.1.6)

- "Tactile Notes" and "Color Options" added in Keyboard Piano (v.2.1.5)

- Immersion Fundation Classes updated to v2.3.6 (v.2.1.5)

- "Mouse limitation" renamed to "Zone Restriction" (v.2.1.5)

- Transparent windows for "Zone Restriction" (v.2.1.5)

- Task Monitor > File > Background Monitoring [Enable/Disable] (v.2.1.4)

- Task Monitor > Display > Child Windows [Enable/Disable] (v.2.1.4)

- Window Detection: Haptic when Window is shown, closed, minimized or maximized (v.2.1.3)

- Load Picture Files (File > Force Resource) (v.2.1.3)

- Window Detection for Application added in Pixel Detection feature (v.2.1.2)

- "Cursor Detection", "Button Detection" and "Motion detection" features added in Force Settings (v.2.1.1)

- "Pixel Detection" feature moved to Icon Systray (v.2.1.1)

- Error Handler for GameSense developer added (v.2.0.5)

- SteelSeries Rivality Options updated: "Mode Vibrate" ON / OFF (v.2.0.4)

- Tactile Clipboard (v.2.0.1)

- TextBox and button "Use Keyboard" added in "Keyboard Piano" (v.2.0.0)

- TONAR and "Mouse Limitation" are compatible with "Boutons detection" (v.1.7.1)

- New Color options: Single pixel selection, 3*3 pixel average, 5*5 pixel average (v.1.7.0)

- Remote control the Falcon with the mouse (New Feature in TONAR settings) (v.1.6.3)

TONAR options

- Menu added in metronome settings: Monitor Selection, Sound Keyboard (v.1.6.2)

- Metronome Settings updated: AutoClick feature, Cursor Motion Detection, New sounds feedback (v.1.6.1)

- Force Settings updated with "Mouse Acceleration" (registry keys to disable or enable cursor acceleration on windows) (v.1.5.3)

- Force Settings Speed informations updated: Centisecond is replaced by second (v.1.5.3)

- Grid Options: weight simulator allows to simulate the weight of an object (icons, windows) if any button is pressed (v.1.5.0)

- Texture Options: New Texture Detectors to extract texture features (v.1.4.4)

- Texture Options: Magnitude Amplificator Slider updated (v.1.4.0)

Texture Options

To unlock the Advanced Texture feature, the Professional edition of iFeelPixel TactileWare is required.

- We added the Z-axis in the Grip option and Texture option (Useful for 3D force feedback). (v.1.1.1)

- Edge Detection: Automatic or Manual Periodic effect (v.1.0.0)

- Color Detection: Haptic Force (Novint Falcon) and Tactile Duration Slider added (v.1.0.0)

- Color Detection: User can select between 4 methods of color generation (Intensity, Hue, Saturation, Luminance v.1.2.3)

Color Detection Option


- Novint Falcon Options (v.1.5.3)

- Novint Falcon Settings Updated (See "Buttons Pressions" Tab).

- The latest F-gen/NVeNt/HDAL is recommended and should be installed on your machine. The software can detect if the new Novint Driver is correctly installed on the machine. It runs even if latest HDAL files are not installed or missing.

- You can disable or enable gravity compensation directly from Novint Falcon Options.

- This version is fixing some issues between the cursor accuracy and Z-axis. Thus, Tactile sensations have been improved.

- The default force settings have been modified. We recommend to reset settings to default if you installed a previous version on your machine. (v.1.5.0)

- The following features: Edge detection, Color detector, Tactile Grid, Texture generation and TONAR (windows attraction) have been updated and improved. The new tactile grid can be useful if others features cannot detect any pixel of interest (For example: overlay video).

- By default, all Novint buttons will not generate force feedback if a pression is detected (v.1.2.3)

- The user can choose between absolute grip position or relative grip position (Relative position is useful to know the grip direction).

The Novint Algorithm developed for iFeelPixel software is based on the Novint HDAL Programmer's Guide about Newton's second law and how to generate automatically force feedback effects (mass, mass-damper, spring-mass-damper and mass-acceleration).

It gives pretty good results and the mass effect is customizable by the user in every option. Thus, the buttons pressions are useful for drag-and-drop operation on screen. The usability has been improved and more people (blind and gamers) could be interested.

Novint settings

Falcon Commands:
- Uninitialize Falcon
- Initialize Falcon
- Control Mouse
- Gravity Compensation
- Clear Forces
- Force Settings
- Reset Falcon Settings

- The software automatically set the Falcon to control the mouse upon launch.

- New Automatic Force Feedback Checkbox:
Checked = the Force is automatically generated by the velocity or acceleration (Recommended)
Unchecked = Manual Force.

Selection choices: mass, mass-damper, spring-mass-damper or mass-acceleration.

Mass is the quantity of inertia possessed by an object or the proportion between force and acceleration refered to in Newton's second law of Motion.

The force feedback is more consistent when "Mass" is selected. The others algorythms are based on the Grip speed value. If the speed is more than 0, the force is increased.

The force settings can be adjusted on the "Force settings" window, "Novint Falcon settings" window, feature options or strength slider.

- You can control Zoom Magnifier with Z-axis of the Novint Falcon
+ Possibility to disable/enable every axis (every axis can have his own Mass/Force).
+ Possibility to disable/enable every position.

+ Possibility to disable/enable every button.

- Use Novint Falcon 'Top Button' to:
+ Switch between Attraction, Normal, Repulsion (Primary effects).
+ Disable\Enable Mouse control

+ Switch between Mass, Damper, Spring and Acceleration (Secondary effects)
+ Show Shortcut Menu


- Falcon Army (Novint Falcon Community), Haptic Gaming (3D Touch Games),
Novint Falconers (Steam Group)

- Novint Advanced Product Group:
Novint’s Advanced Products Group is building on Novint’s early success in the games market to build applications involving user interaction with 3D computer data, models or environments in other markets including medical & military simulation & training, simulation/visualization, geoscientific, architecture/design, automotive, and telerobotics.

The Value of Haptics
* Improved productivity & efficiency
* Engaging environment increases skill retention
* Improved interpretation and decision making
* Versatility & reconfigurability maximizes cost effectiveness

- Novint Falcon Hardware Requirement:
You need a Novint Falcon to feel the Force Feedback with iFeelPixel.

- Novint Falcon Software Requirement:
You need to download and install Novint Falcon F-Gen drivers.

- The software can detect if the Novint Driver is correctly installed on the machine.

- Novint Falcon Calibration:
When starting this software, the Falcon shows a red light, which means that the controller is initiated but has not been calibrated. It does this each time a software is started. To calibrate: Push the handle as far as you can inwards towards the light display with the Novint logo. Pull the handle straight out against you. Repeat until the Novint logo turns blue.

- Novint Falcon FAQs

- Novint Falcon Support

Special thanks to Novint (Bill Anderson, Tom Anderson, Jonathan Miller, Christopher McGeorge, John Tsoupanarias) for the Novint Hardware and the haptic library.

- TONAR updated: cursor is attracted by windows, user can select any window size (v.1.2.3)

- TONAR direction detection optimized. This is useful to know the direction of the cursor (Horizontal: Right or Left, Vertical: Up or Down). This is also useful for Grid, Texture and visual force feedback. (v.1.0.0)



3. New Options

- You need to Allow/Unlock "AccelSwitch" in your Firewall/Antivirus settings (v.2.1.9)

- Mouse Acceleration Switch ON/OFF/Toggle (v.2.1.8)

- Task Monitor (File > Monitor Selection) (v.2.1.3)

Task Monitor - Window Detection for Application

- Allow Multiple App Instances (File > Run at Start-up, Pro feature) (v.2.1.3)

- Task Monitor (Simulate Windows List Switcher) (v.2.1.2)

- Allow Multiple App Instances (File > Monitor Selection, Pro feature) (v.2.1.1)

- MultiScreen Definition (Pro feature) (v.2.0.9)

- View > MultiScreen Definition >> Half Horizontal/Vertical (v.2.0.0)

- Screen definition detection (v.1.7.0)

- Multiple Monitors (Virtual Desktop) support (v.1.7.0)

- Advanced Color Selector for the professional version (v.1.2.3)

Color Selector




4. Optimizations

- Randomize algorithm improved (v.2.2.1)

- Hyperlinks switched from HTTP to HTTPS and establish a uniquely secure connection between yourself and the iFeelPixel website (v.2.2.1)

- Code Signing Certificate digitally signed with OpenSSL and counter-sign by Comodo (v.2.2.0)

- iFeelPixel website fully encrypted for safer browsing (v.2.1.9)

- Cursor scanner faster (v.2.1.8)

- Sliders optimized against crash (v.2.1.8)

- Code source optimized (<> replaced by Not =) (v.2.1.8)

- Force Settings > Block Mouse for Falcon (v.2.1.7)

- Force Settings > Hide Mouse for 5 seconds (v.2.1.7)

- SteelSeries Bindings Disabled for Grid effect when Magnifier is enabled (v.2.1.6)

- "Keep Center Screen" for "Window Area" (v.2.1.5)

- Searching WiinRemote" improved in WiiFeelPixel (v.2.1.5)

- GameSense updated properly when user Reset Color Options (v.2.1.4)

- "Hyperlink browser pointer" added in Cursor Detector (v.2.1.3)

- "Center Primary Screen" and "Center MultiScreen" (v.2.1.2)

- Stability and bug fixes (v.2.1.2)

- MultiScreen Definition optimized for any Display setup (Pro feature) (v.2.1.0)

- SplashScreen loading improved (v.2.0.8)

- Cursor Detection enhanced (v.2.0.7)

- Immersion Web ActiveX EULA automatically closes more quickly at loading (10x faster) (v.2.0.6)

- Terminate Executable on Exit (v.2.0.6)

- Cursor Detection improved (v.2.0.5)

- GameSense loading optimized (v.2.0.5)

- SplashScreen improved for Start-up (v.2.0.4)

- Optimization to control SteelSeries Engine ("msxml3.dll" replaced by "msxml6.dll" for JSON data interchange) (v.2.0.3)

- Multimodal updated to Enable/Disable Tactile Alerts (v.2.0.2)

- "SplashScreen" window always stay on top to make a list of available cursors (v.1.9.0)

- Timer Optimization (v.1.9.0)

- Stability and bug fixes (v.1.8.1)

- Desktop composition compatibility improved (v.1.7.0)

- Faster pixel detection (v.1.7.0)

- Cursor Motion detection (v.1.7.0)

- Mouse Boutons detection (v.1.7.0)

- Ready for International languages (v.1.6.1)

- Stability and bug fixes for international version (v.1.6.1)

- New feature: "Block Mouse" in "Force Settings" window (v.1.6.1)

- New software protector (v.1.6.0)

- Explorer crashes detection: if explorer crashes, the iFeelPixel Icon in Sistray appears again (v.1.6.0)

- "Stop all effects!" do not set anymore cursor behavior to normal speed (v.1.5.3)

- Option Button "No Mass" added in Falcon Settings to disable Force for secondary effects.

- Grab the status bar with left-button to move the form (v.1.5.1)

- TouchSense Plugin stability improved (v.1.5.0)

- Stability and bug fixes (v.1.4.6)

- The software automatically detects if the Falcon is calibrated (v.1.4.5)

- Novint Falcon Settings: if position Z is disabled, the zoom is not controled by Z-axis (v.1.4.4)

- Texture Options: Magnitude Amplificator Slider optimized for the Novint Falcon (v.1.4.4)

- Select window or area settings: "Automatic Invisiblity" after any selection (v.1.4.3)

- Memory leaks because virtualization are corrected (v.1.4.3)

- "Filter RGB" in Color Detection is not anymore checked if Edge Detector is activated (v.1.4.3)

- "Filter Threshold" in Color Detection is controled by the main Threshold (v.1.4.2)

- Zoom value Controled by Novint Falcon Z-axis is reversed (v.1.4.2)

- Tactile Grid effect optimized for Tactile Mobile (v.1.4.2)

- Start/Stop Immersion VibeTonz Service (v.1.4.2)

- Tactile Mobile effects cannot be edited if VibeTonz is reinitializing (v.1.4.2)

- View > Desktop Composition > Enable/Disable via command (v.1.4.1)

- We added 2 new type of sliders in the "Force Settings" windows. These sliders allow to generate advanced textures sensations: Positive (Right or down directions) and Negative (Left or Up directions) (v.1.4.0)

To unlock the Advanced Texture feature, the Professional edition of iFeelPixel TactileWare is required.

Force Safety

- Advanced Texture Generation Algorythm improved (v.1.4.0)

- New setup executable automatically disables desktop composition and run as Admin (v.1.4.0)

- Stability and bug fixes (v.1.3.3)

- Interface optimized: Cursor Behavior added (User can determine the cursor speed) (v.1.3.3)

- Compatibility improved for windows 7 (Application virtualization made with Boxedapp packer, side-by-side feature) (v.1.3.3)

- Reduce Memory Usage (v.1.3.3)

- Window detector improved: "High precision" checkbox added. It works with HWND (v.1.2.5)

- We added a new slider in the "Force Settings" windows. This slider allows the software to decrease (slowly or quickly) the force when there is no pixel detected (v.1.2.3)

- Visual Force Feedback (Pseudo-haptic developed in collaboration with INRIA) motion is much more precise than before (decimal precision). (v.1.3.3)

That's mean iFeelPixel software can simulate realistic pseudo-tactile sensations without a haptic interface. Open File Menu > Visual Force Feedback (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+ F1)



Tactile Images: feeling the relief of images (View the Flash video)

Have you ever dreamt of feeling the relief of images with a simple mouse? Now, it's possible!
Cursor speed value (range: 1 to 20). The slider determines how far  the pointer moves on the screen in response to how far you move the mouse. Repulsion Attraction Additional mouse settings Reset cursor speed settings



5. Others updates

- HyperTouch connected to TONAR for mouse directions and coordinates (v.2.2.1)

- HyperTouch effects are correctly detected even if Tactile Alerts are disabled (v.2.2.0)

- Background picture removed on iFeelPixel window (v.2.1.8)

- Splash screen improved quality (png) (v.2.1.8)

- Bigger icon app (64px) (v.2.1.8)

- Old iFeelPixel Stop logo concept without Robotic hand (v.2.1.7)

- New iFeelPixel logo concept with Robotic hand (v.2.1.6)

- "Keyboard Piano" Shorcut added in Icon Systray (v.2.1.6)

- "Morse Engine" Shorcut removed in Icon Systray (v.2.1.6)

- "Keyboard Properties" added in Keyboard Piano and Morse Engine (v.2.1.5)

- "Display Settings" and "Theme Settings" added in iFeelPixel (v.2.1.5)

- Device Manager" added in Force Settings and Bug Report (v.2.1.5)

- "Task Manager" added in Task Monitor (v.2.1.5)

- "Controller Settings" added in Force Ressource (v.2.1.5)

- "Regional settings" added in Narrator (v.2.1.5)

- "Application Manager" and "About Windows" added in About (v.2.1.5)

- "System Info" and "System properties" added in Bug Report (v.2.1.5)

- "Quit" button added in every Window Option (v.2.1.4)

- Ease of Access Center" added in Narrator (v.2.1.3)

- "Sound Options" added in Keyboard Piano (v.2.1.3)

- "Mouse Properties" added in Force Settings (v.2.1.3)

- iFeelPixel Logo and App Icon updated (v.2.1.2)

- Windows Virtual Keyboard link added (File > Keyboard Piano Options) (v.2.1.1)

- Windows Narrator link added (File > Narrator Options) (v.2.1.1)

- Windows Clipboard Viewer link added (File > Clipboards Monitoring) (v.2.1.1)

- New shortcuts for Pixel Detection, Cursor Behavior and Cursor Detection (v.2.0.6)

- Toolbar updated: image replaced in button "Play/Stop Pixel Detection" (v.2.0.4)

- "Monitor Selection" & "Pixel Detection" features are separated into 2 distinct groups (v.2.0.3)

- "Cursor Detector" shortcut added in icon systray (v.2.0.3)

- SteelSeries Rival 500/700 links updated (v.2.0.2)

- "About iFeelPixel" and SplashScreen updated with new SteelSeries Logo (v.2.0.1)

- "Bug Report" updated for SteelSeries Engine (v.2.0.0)

- File > Language >> Narrator Options/Online Translator (v.2.0.0)

- Outdated links corrected or replaced with Web Archive (v.2.0.0)

- "Monitoring selection" renamed to "Pixel Detection" (v.1.9.0)

- "Attract" renamed to "Slow", "Repel" renamed to "Fast" (v.1.9.0)

- Sliders reset to maximal value for Edge, Color, Grid and Texture features (v.1.9.0)

- Novint web site links updated (v.1.6.3)

- Installer updated: Default path is the "Application Data Folder" for the current user (v.1.6.2)

- Internet links updated in "Force Ressources" window (v.1.6.1)

- "Software updates" moved to help Menu (v.1.6.1)

- Registry keys added to disable or enable mouse acceleration (v.1.6.1)

- Button "Reset value" in Falcon Settings reset Mass/Force to value 5 (v.1.5.3)

- Registry keys folder added in setup (v.1.5.3)

- Uninstall icon updated (v.1.5.3)

- New icons for internet shortcuts (v.1.5.3)

- Splashscreen enhanced (v.1.5.3)

- "Swap buttons" added in "Force Settings" (v.1.5.0)

- Menu shortcut to "Force Settings" added in Edge, Color, Grid, Texture (v.1.4.5)

- "Exit" renamed to "Hide" in "mouse limitation" (v.1.4.5)

- Link updated for the immersion web page in help > about (v.1.4.5)

- Credits / EULA updated (v.1.4.5)

- "Check Software Updates" renamed to "Software Updates" (v.1.4.4)

- New link "Cursor Behavior Support" added in "Force Settings" help menu (v.1.4.3)

- "Speed and Force settings" renamed to "Force Settings" (v.1.4.2)

- "IVT size", "Max Nested repeats" and "Max Duraction effect" added in advanced Tactile Mobile Effects (v.1.4.2)

- "Show/Hide iFeelPixel" updated in icon sisytray (v.1.4.2)

- Delete Texture Preset (v.1.4.0)

- Icon Menu updated (v.1.3.3)

- Limited Zone Updated: unused buttons removed (v.1.3.3)

- "Force settings" menu updated with "Disable enhance pointer precision" (v.1.2.5), "Control Panel" (v.1.3.3) and "Texture Settings..." (v.1.4.0)

- The following features: Edge detection, color detection (color selector), tactile Grid, Texture generation and TONAR (windows attraction) have been updated and improved for Novint Falcon (Force Feedback Hardware). We added the Z-axis in the Grid option and Texture option. (v.1.2.3)

- Immersion Plugin agreement is automatically accepted (v.1.2.3)

- "TouchSense Information" updated (v.1.1.1)

- "Full screen" button added in "Limited Zone": switch between full screen or window (v.1.1.1)

- "Show shortcut Menu" Checkbox: Show icon Menu if the window is already selected (v.1.1.1)

- "Bug Report" updated for the Tactile Mobile (v.1.0.0)

- "Tactile Feedback" updated for Edge, line, corner, color detection (v.1.0.0)

- "Delete file settings" added (v.1.0.0)

- Visual Feedback renamed to "Visual Force Feedback" (v.1.0.0)

- "Clipboard viewer" moved to "clipboard window" (v.1.0.0)

- Volume Slider renamed to "Strength" slider (v.1.0.0)

- Keyboards shortcuts updated

- Typo and spelling corrected

- Help and "Readme" updated

- Text options updated

- Messages box updated

- Status bar updated

- Tooltip's updated

- Links updated

- Toolbar updated

- "Splashscreen" updated with Novint Logo.

- Help > "About" updated with Novint Logo.

- "EULA / Credits" updated.



6. Know issues

List of known issues in this version of iFeelPixel:

- "Invalid picture" error fixed if the file path is incomplete (fixed v.2.2.1)

- Vertical/Horizontal Direction in Grid Visual/Sound Settings fixed (fixed v.2.2.1)

- Save/Restore Checkboxes in Grid Visual/Sound Settings fixed (fixed v.2.2.1)

- Left and Top values fixed in "Windows Area" when iFeelPixel is not started (fixed v.2.2.0)

- Icon issue "Specify tool" in "Window Selection" (fixed v.2.1.9)

- Center Primary Screen when resetting (fixed v.2.1.8)

- Bug fixed for keyboard shortcut in Window Area (fixed v.2.1.7)

. Timer error fixed for Windows Detection (fixed v.2.1.3)

. Crash occurs when scrolling sliders. Solution: Disable sliders automaticaly (fixed v.2.1.2)

. "Keyboard Piano" keystrokes fixed for 64bits OS (fixed v.2.1.1)

. Proper End Process at Exit (fixed v.2.0.5)

. "Area Selection" corrected (fixed v.2.0.5)

. Component "ImmVibeAx.dll" is missing when Immersion VibeTonz Studio is not installed on the machine (fixed v.2.0.3)

. Due to the SteelSeries Engine limitation, there is no "Stop Game Event" or "Stop Tactile Effect" feature. So, some haptic effects may continue to keep play, even if pixel detection feature is disabled (issue v.2.0.0)

. There is no Master Volume in the SteelSeries Engine but only predefined vibrations, so haptic strength can only manually set up (fixed v.2.0.0)

. Crash occurs when moving sliders. Solution: Disable sliders automaticaly (fixed v.2.0.0)

. Cannot detect cursor state on different Operating Systems (fixed v.1.9.0)

. Grid feature for Novint Falcon: Left and Middle buttons was inverted (fixed v.1.9.0)

. Open 2 browser tabs when user open a web page (fixed v.1.8.1)

. Slow pixel detector with modern video games (fixed v.1.7.0)

. It does not detect correctly screen definition updates (fixed v.1.7.0)

. It does not work with multiple monitors and virtual desktop (fixed v.1.7.0)

. Installer updated for standard users without admin rights (fixed v.1.6.1)

. "Stop all effects!" set cursor behavior to normal speed (fixed v.1.5.3)

. Button "Reset value" in Falcon Settings reset Mass/Force to old value 2 (fixed v.1.5.3)

. Morse is not working correctly if another feature is activated (fixed v.1.5.1)

. Error message on Exit, because library and process are not correctly unloaded and terminated (fixed v.1.5.0)

. "Keyboard Piano" and "Keyboard quick shortcut" are not working without administrator rights (fixed with setup executable v.1.4.0)

. Start-up with windows is not working (corrected v.1.3.5 it works on any user account)
Internet Explorer is corrupted… how do I fix it?

. Tactile Feedback (TouchSense Technology) is disabled for Grid and Texture because Toolbar stop Immersion Effects (fixed v.1.3.4)

. Haptic Adapter is not correctly initialized before Restoring Novint Setting (fixed v.1.3.4)

. Small textures are not correctly functioning with the Novint Falcon (fixed v.1.4.0 with new magnitude amplificator)

. If a backup setting is deleted, its name is not deleted in List Box (fixed v.1.3.3)

. Visual Color does not reset correctly the cursor speed (It must be stopped directly without increase or decrease) (fixed v.1.3.0)

. Color and Novint Falcon: Problem occurs with force feedback when strentgh value is 30% (fixed v.1.3.0)

. Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 run-time files (required but included v.1.2.4)

. Bug in TONAR (corrected v.1.2.4)

. Installation of F-gen/NVeNT/HDAL beta is recommended for Novint Falcon users. (v.1.2.4)

. Visual Force Feedback: the cursor speed is not correctly set if the value is under 1 (v.1.1.1).

. HapticLibrary.dll is missing in the software defender folder (v.1.1.1).

. Installation of Immersion VibeTonz Studio is required for tactile mobile users (SmartPhones support has been removed in TouchSense studio by Immersion Corporation). (v.1.0.0)

See USB Advanced Network Functionality for Mobile Device Center/ActiveSync troobleshootings.

Note: Mobile Device Center or ActiveSync should be already installed and configured on your machine.

. Mobile devices names does not appear on Icon Systray, no vibetonz logo (v.1.0.0)

. Fatal Error (Novint Falcon): The dynamic link library 'FTD2XX.dll' could not be found (v.0.9.0).

Solution: Please download and install D2XX Drivers

. Fix For Non English Users issue: International compatibility with international version of MicroSoft Windows. Download the international package for iFeelPixel.

· Narrator issue with windows XP SP2 discovered, please download and install english package:

· Narrator issue with windows Vista discovered: users cannot select the source of sound engine. The sounds are played on sound card, but they cannot be listened via speackers.

The ability to choose a different hardware or software MIDI synthesizer other than the default Microsoft GS Wavetable Software synth has been removed from the user interface for audio configuration in Windows Vista. A different output MIDI synth or output device port can be selected only by editing the registry.

Solution: Right-click on the Volume Mixer icon in the taskbar.  That opens the sound settings window.  The green “checkmark” should be on your Speakers device (which is attached to your sound card).  Disable the other audio output engine listed in Playback Tab.

The list of known issues in all versions of iFeelPixel is available at:

· Error handler for beta tester

If an error occurs, you see an error description on screen and you have 3 choices:
ABORT (Abrupt termination of iFeelPixel program execution and iFeelPixel process running)
RETRY (Performs the action of retrying the action whose failure posted the DialogBox)
IGNORE (Ignore last error generated by iFeelPixel software)

Please be sure to review the list of known issues before submitting a
bug. But if you do find a problem that isn't included on the known
issues list, please let us know by reporting the bug:



7. Available Features

Main Features:

-----------File Menu-----------------------------------------------------------------------
- Force Settings (Pixel Detection, Force Safety for Novint Falcon and Timer Interval)
- Force Ressource (For Immersion TouchSense Technology)
- Application Data Folder

--> Narrator Options
--> Language List (not ready yet)
--> Export Language (only for developer)
--> Online Translator

- Monitor Selection (Task Monitor, Window Area, Clipboards monitoring)
- Zone Restriction (Limit mouse)
- Run at Startup with Windows
- Saving/Exporting/Importing/Resetting/Deleting Settings

- Visual Force Feedback

- Haptic feedback
--> Tactile Alerts (Custom/Predefined vibrations for SteelSeries Rival 500/700 mouse)
--> Rumble Feedback (Rumble Feedback for Nintendo Wii Remote Controller)
--> Vibro-Tactile Feedback (To enable Vibro-Tactile effects for Tactile Mobiles)
--> Tactile Feedback (Haptic technology for Immersion TouchSense Devices)
--> Force Feedback (Haptic feedback for Novint falcon)

--> Virtual Touch for Virtual Reality (TouchSense Force)

- Auditory Feedback
--> Sound Card Feedback
--> Internal PC speakers
--> Narrator Voices

- Multimodal (All)

- Edge detection
- Line detection
- Corner detection

- Color Detection
- Grid Generation
- Texture Generation

- Play/Stop
- Magnifier
- Demo mode

- Keyboard Piano (with American Sign Language)
- Morse Engine (with ASL)
- TONAR (Tactile Orientation Navigation And Ranging)
- Metronome System

------------------------------View Menu---------------------------------------------------
- Main Display : Stay on top, center Primary screen, Opacity window
- Enable / Disable Desktop Composition
- Modify iFeelPixel CPU priority
- Optimize Memory
- Control Panel
- TouchSense information


Download iFeelPixel TactileWare

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