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Here you can find common questions asked about iFeelPixel™

What is iFeelPixel™?
Where is the "tactile feedback" in iFeelPixel? Updated!
Tactile Mobile developed with Immersion TouchSense/VibeTonz Technology
What is a Multimodal application?
What are the Software Features? Updated!
What do I need to try it? Updated!
What's the price of iFeelPixel?
What's the difference between basic version and professional edition? Updated!
Why is it a "DonationWare"?
How to become an iFeelPixel™ Member?
How to become an iFeelPixel™ benefactor Member?
How to become an iFeelPixel™ Member of honor?
Is there an offline help?
Can I get the source code of iFeelPixel™? Updated!
What's the Haptic Technology? What's the 3D Touch?
What's the Sonification Technology?
Is it an Electronic Braille tactile display?
Is it possible to use iFeelPixel™ with any Software?
Is it a vision substitution software for the blind?
Is iFeelPixel™ Available in other languages than english?

Where can I get a speech add-on for iFeelPixel?
Can I feel TV, movies or Video Games?
What is a "License to touch"?
What is a "promo code"?
What is a Pixel?
Why did not I receive Email about iFeelPixel software?
What is ASL?
What is a file with the extension IFR/IVT?
Why I cannot see tactile effects inside an IFR/IVT file?
Does the current version of iFeelPixel work with the new Service Pack 2(SP2) or SP3 for XP?
Does iFeelPixel software is compatible with Windows Vista Operating System?
Does iFeelPixel software is compatible with Windows Seven Operating System?
Does iFeelPixel software is compatible with Windows 8 Operating System?
Does iFeelPixel software is compatible with Windows 10 Operating System? New!
How to disable mouse acceleration in Windows?
How to install iFeel Mouse Driver on Windows?
How to find my personal Novint Falcon Serial Number?

Is it safe to install iFeelPixel software on a computer?
How to install iFeelPixel on my computer?
How to activate iFeelPixel on my machine?
Other questions...


What is iFeelPixel?

iFeelPixel™ is a multimodal application designed to create a range of sensations (visual, tactile, auditory) based on pictures elements. It gives greater realism, excitement, entertainment, enjoyment and presence to pictures on computers. Use this while using your desktop computer, playing games, watching websites or simply leave it running in the background while using any Windows program. Any pictures elements generated by your computer and being under your cursor position on screen, will be represented with a subjective sensation on haptic devices and sound cards.

It's the first software that allows a user to feel the pixels on the screen with visual feedback, haptic feedback and auditory feedback. There are infinite possibilities...let's explore the senses of touch, vision and hearing! It works in parallel with existing access technology.

iFeelPixel description page
Free software downloads


Where is the "tactile feedback" in iFeelPixel? Updated for version 2!

- iFeelPixel enables Tactile Alerts for SteelSeries Rival 500 and SteelSeries Rival 700 mouse:

What Triggers You? No two alerts are the same. You get to choose which in-desktop events automatically trigger a tactile alert and have complete control over how each one feels. Hyperlinks, Edge, Color, Texture, events can all be individually set to trigger a Tactile Alert.

Completely Customizable! Customize vibration patterns, duration, triggers, and tactile alerts to enhance your desktop experience. Set an alert that feels like a heartbeat when you are moving over hyperlinks, or set an alert to detect colors. Choose between a wide array of patterns such as: Short and Long Buzz, Fast and Slow Heartbeats, Sad Trombone, Double Click, Triple Click and much more - the possibilities are endless!

Zero Recoil! The Tactile Alerts have been carefully placed in the center of your mouse, so you feel the pulse strongly in your palm. By directing the pulse to only move up through your hand, opposed to left and right, Tactile Alerts will never impact your mouse’s tracking so you can keep your pixel-perfect aim.

- iFeelPixel supports Immersion® TouchSense enabled devices. One such device is the Logitech® iFeel mouse that offers Tactile feedback to its user. Feeling different textures and effects as you navigate through pictures and web pages is fully supported.

- iFeelPixel and Novint develop 3D haptic technology and products that enable people to experience a realistic sense of touch using their computer. Using our 3D haptic interface device, the Novint Falcon, and patented 3D haptic software, computer users may feel 3D objects, feel their shapes and textures, feel the dynamic properties of objects, and feel many other effects.

- Tactile Mobile creates Tactile effects for your mobile phone with VibeTonz Technology.
To date, more than 65 million handsets with Immersion's high-fidelity, programmable haptics technology have shipped around the world.

immersion Vibetonz technology

iFeelPixel software lets mobile phone users design their own haptic effects to personalize touch feedback. Touch feedback makes the mobile phone user experience more sensory, intuitive, useful, fun and allows users to feel a computer screen anywhere.

From its "Tactile Mobile" option, iFeelPixel lets users create personalized haptic effects through a graphical user interface based on the conventions of Immersion's VibeTonz(R) Studio authoring tool for developers. Users can modify wave shape, duration, and intensity to create distinctive vibrational patterns. These creations let users personalize their phone with unique haptic experiences.

Tactile Mobile for Android users: TouchSense ActiveX for Windows (ImmVibe & ImmWeb) are no longer developed by Immersion, but you can try our alternative haptic app for Android, please visit www.tactilemobile.net


What is a Multimodal application?

It is an application that allows the simultaneous use of multiple input and output devices.

"Research has shown that advantage can be gained when the haptic modality is used in conjunction with the visual and auditory channels. The iFeelPixel multi-modal application enables the user to mediate structures such as edges, lines and textures, via a tactile/force feedback mouse depending on features of the pixels detected by the device. Both tactile and auditory feedback are experienced, as a result. Multi-modal solutions have the capacity to extend visual displays and thus making objects more realistic, useful and engaging."

"Multi-modal interfaces also provide assistance in the mental mapping process, allowing the user to develop a greater awareness of objects contained within the environment. A clearer spatial representation created by multi-modal feedback, enhances the user’s ability to orientate and navigate within their environment. It is apparent that a multi-modal assistive interface can provide one solution to reducing barriers that are faced by the blind and partially sighted community"

See source: Assistive Multimodal Interfaces for Improving Web Accessibility


What are the Software Features? Updated for version 2!

Metronome System TONAR Morse Engine Edge detection Line detection Corner detection Color detection Tactile Grid Texture generation Play Button Magnifier Demo Mode Keyboard Piano


1 Edge Detection - Edge Detection identifies the edges of shapes in images by searching for gradient or slope variations.
- Vibration expressing sine, square or sawtooth waveshapes. Indicates pixel intensity and velocity.
2 Line Detection Detect lines on non-noisy images.
3 Corner Detection Detect corners on non-noisy images.
4 Color detection and generation - Touch the pixels you want to know the colors of, it will transform the color into a sound.
- Everybody is influenced by associations between sounds and colors.
For example, people tend to associate light colors with high-pitched sounds.
- Distinguish patterns and hues of color
- Feel different sensations based on colors
- Customize your own color with Immersion Studio
5 Tactile Grid

-Framework that attracts or repels.
Indicates position in a 2 (or 3) dimensional space.
(Full force feedback mouse recommended)

6 Texture Generation A Method for the Development of Virtual Textures:
-Create a 2D/3D texture effect on the fly
ex: virtual haptic textile
-You can modify the texture settings
-Option detection: human body filter
- Make your own texture, save it, feel it and share it
- You can see the magnitude value generated by iFeelPixel, in 2 textboxes: Positive Magnitude & Negative Magnitude
- Added list of 24 presets,
same as Immersion Studio
( Note: H = Horizontal, V =Vertical)

- Communicates the feel of a path or surface.
- Magnitude amplication slider.
7 Play/Stop button Enable/Disable Pixel Detection and iFeelPixel™ timer interval
8 Magnifier Launch the magnifier ( Zoom ratio: 1-10 x).
9 Demo Mode - Automatically moves mouse randomly to feel audio-tactile Effects (Move quickly the mouse to take back the control)
- Useful for demo purposes.
11 Keyboard Piano Keyboard Piano Options: hear musical sounds from your keystrokes. Transform your keyboard into a virtual Piano
12 Morse Engine Lock/Unlock Morse. Transform any letter into morse code. See Morse Options.
13 TONAR* Enable TONAR
- Useful to know the cursor position and direction.
- Windows selection and detection based on size.
14 Metronome System

Enable Metronome
- It is a counting device that maintains a constant tone or beat.
- Indicates the cursor speed via sound or tactile effects, if visual feedback is activated.

* Tactile Orientation Navigation and Ranging

Edge, Line, Corner & Color detection are based on Periodic effect.

Only one feature should be used at a time.

You can change options in the menubar: Menubar

Additional functions:
Media Center (Renamed to "Force Ressource")
- Mouse: Data and Settings (Renamed to "Force Settings")
- Monitoring Selection: window area
- Clipboards Monitoring
- Mouse Limitation (Renamed to "Zone Restriction", confining cursor to any resizable zone on screen, based on Enclosure effect)

- Saving/Exporting/Importing/Resetting/Deleting Settings
- Saving Texture Settings

- Visual Force Feedback (To enable pseudo-haptic effects with a simple mouse)

- Tactile Alerts (Customize vibration patterns, duration and triggers to enhance your gaming experience. Requires SteelSeries Rival 500/700 mouse)
- WiiFeelPixel (Rumble Feedback for Nintendo Wii Remote Controller)
- Vibro-Tactile Feedback (To enable Vibro-Tactile effects for Tactile Mobiles)
- Tactile Feedback (Haptic technology for Immersion TouchSense Devices)

- Force Feedback (Haptic feedback for Novint falcon)

- Real Audio (Renamed to "Sound Card Feedback")
- Internal PC speakers
- Narrator

- American Sign Language (ASL)

- Main Display : Stay on top, center of screen, Opacity window
- Enable/Disable Vista Aero
- Optimize RAM
- Optimize Memory
- Modify iFeelPixel CPU priority
- Shortcut to Windows Control Panel

More information about additional functions in the online help or the what's new page


What do I need to try it? Updated for version 2!

This software uses the VB6 run-times files*, C++ run-times files* and the Immersion Plugin*.

If you receive a Fatal Error "The dynamic link library 'FTD2XX.dll' could not be found", please download and install D2XX Drivers made by FTDI Chip. D2XX drivers allow direct access to the USB device through a DLL.

If you need additional files, that are missing on your machine, please visit our online support.

You need also a SteelSeries Rival 500/700 mouse, a TouchSense device, a Tactile Mobile or a Novint Falcon (haptic device) to feel realistic tactile effects! If your device drivers are not working properly, update haptic drivers.

Please check the List of additional requirements.

* Required but packaged with iFeelPixel setup, no further software installation is necessary.


What's the price of iFeelPixel™?

iFeelPixel™ is a "DonationWare": it literally means that non-commercial users can make a donation of any amount to help support further development and web-server costs. It is distributed in the hope that it will be useful for people (regardless of disabilities), but without any warranty. You enter the amount of money you wish to give in your prefered currency (Euro or Dollar).

There is also a professional edition, available for commercial users or advanced users. The price depends of the number of users:

Type of license
Number of users Price (Euro or Dollar)
Professional 1 user 10,00 (Anniversary Edition)
Professional 2 users 20,00 (Anniversary Edition)
Professional 3 users 30,00 (Anniversary Edition)
Professional 4 users 40,00 (Anniversary Edition)
Professional 5 users 50,00 (Anniversary Edition)

You can also co-brand iFeelPixel and associate it with your own business!


What is the difference between basic version and professional edition? Updated v2.1

The main difference is the Advanced Texture Feature, the Advanced Color Detector, the Windows Tool Professional, the MultiScreen definition detection and the Multi-Device Capability (upcoming feature especialy developed for Novint Falcon and SteelSeries users).

With professional edition you also get Priority email support and free updates. That means that even if we release a major version, you can still unlock it and use it for as long as you like.

If you want install and run the software on multiple machines, you need to purchase professional licenses.


Why is it a "DonationWare"?

We want everyone to enjoy our product and built a powerful tactile community.
Please use our software, and please talk about iFeelPixel™ software to everyone you know, so that they can try it as well.


How to become an iFeelPixel™ Member?

The active members are those which pay a sum of 10€ Euro renewable each year.
By their regular funds, they stabilize our organisation.
They can cancel their subscription at any time, but the 'Refund Payment' option is only available for 60 days after the payment was sent.

For their money, they receive:
- A copy of the software + 1 "License to touch"
- Full technical support via e-mail and instant messages.
- Remote support via TeamViewer
- Free major upgrades.
- iFeelPixel™ Member logo for their personal website
- Free patches, when applicable.
- Free access to the iFeelPixel™ Forum
- iFeelPixel™ Newsletter
- others gifts...

I want become an iFeelPixel member!

If you prefer a free manual registration, please contact us


How to become an iFeelPixel™ benefactor Member?

The benefactor members are those which pay an amount of their choice. Only one restriction: The amount must be equal or superior to 20 euros.
By their important fund, they act like investors.

For their money, they receive:
- same benefits as members
- Assistance by webcam and netmeeting
- Private conference
- Interviews
- others special request....
For example: possibility to add a link to their website into our software...

Be an active part of an exciting project!


How to become an iFeelPixel™ Member of honor?

The members of honor are those which rendered important services announced to the iFeelPixel™ users community. Their registration is free.
- same benefits as benefactor Member
- eternal recognition, iFeelPixel™ Icon
- their name on this website

- and others special things...

Be an iFeelPixel™ hero! Promote and Defend iFeelPixel™. Anytime, anywhere...


Is there an offline help?

No! Because offline help is difficult to maintain and update regularly,
but you can view the online help here and the Readme File here.
We apologize for any inconveniences.


Can I get the source code of iFeelPixel™? Updated for version 2!

No, we are sorry but iFeelPixel™ is not an open source code.
iFeelPixel source code is protected by IDDN (Inter Deposit Digital Number)
from APP (Agency for the Protection of Programs

If you are really interested, to add sensations to the Pixels on the screen,
you are welcome to contact us. We may build a great tool together, in joining our forces.

Here is the list of Software Development Kit (SDK) that we use: Novint Falcon SDK | TouchSense Mobile SDK | Immersion Studio for Gaming SDK | SteelSeries SDK

You may be interested also by: WiinRemote | Optical Force Feedback (Flash Toolkit) | Tactile Images | RoboRealm | Mouse speed and weight (Vb6 sample code) | UltraHaptic Developers

Please note that "Visual Force Feedback" technology is protected by a french patent (number: 0311302) and by international pending patents.

Please take a look at the free software downloads section to get the usual iFeelPixel setup.


What's the Haptic Technology?

Based on the Greek word, "haptesthai," meaning touch, haptic technology enables people to feel touch sensations while interacting with a digital display, like a computer screen and a hardware device such as a joystick or mouse. Immersion's haptic technology, brand-named TouchSense™, enhances the user experience with sight, sound and touch simultaneously.

The word haptics refers to the science of applying the sense of touch in human-
computer interaction. Haptics is often used as a catchall term to cover a variety of
distinct sub-types, including proprioceptive (general sensory information about the
body), vestibular (the perception of head motion), kinaesthetic (the feeling of motion
in the body), cutaneous (sensory information from the skin), and tactile (the sense of
pressure experienced through the skin).

There are four types of sensory neurons (mechanoreceptors) involved in the haptic modality. The haptic, or tactile, sensory modality is the only active sense that can be used to explore our environment; vision and hearing are passive senses since they cannot act upon the environment.

In the context of computers, haptic feedback can refer to the simple feel of a keyboard or mouse, or to more sophisticated forms of tactile feedback employed by some virtual-reality systems. iFeelPixel is an emerging technology that promises to have wide reaching implications.

You are welcome to discuss about the Future of Haptic Technology in the iFeelPixel™ forum

What is 3D touch? How the Novint Falcon Works? What is Haptics?

3D touch is the ability to experience the virtual world in much the same way the real world is experienced --- intuitively, interactively, and with a full complement of complex tactile sensations. Much more than simple “joy buzzer” vibrations, 3D touch allows computer users to navigate in three-dimensional space naturally while feeling sophisticated, high-fidelity simulations of weight, texture, shape, and dynamics.

One example of it's applications in gaming is through the feeling of recoil for weapons. Since the level of touch that can be simulated is very sophisticated, it allows each weapon to have it's very own unique feel. In computer-generated environments, 3D touch makes it possible to practice complex surgical procedures, to polish a golf swing, to distinguish the viscosity differences between molasses and honey, to pull back a bowstring, and more. 3D touch is deeply affecting, genuinely helpful for users, never gimmicky, and when implemented correctly, it can be as crucial to an application as sound or even graphics.


What's the Sonification Technology?

Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information.

You are welcome to discuss about the Sonification Technology in the iFeelPixel™ forum


Is it an Electronic Alphabet Braille tactile display?

Not really, but iFeelPixel™ is a new alternative way for blind users to feel the text on screen.
Especially for them who didn't learn braille. A morse engine (that translates keystrokes and text to morse) and a keyboard piano (that translates any keystrokes into a synthetized sound) are packaged with iFeelPixel™.

You are welcome to discuss about the New features in the iFeelPixel™ forum

Related info:
products for visually impaired - iFeelPixel™ And The vOICe
haptic devices for blind individuals


Is it possible to use iFeelPixel™ with any Software?

Of course ! You can use iFeelPixel™ with any software. If you are planning to test iFeelPixel with some special software, you are welcome to send some report to us (bad or good).

Please check out the third party software webpage for more information.

Two important points to keep in mind:
- iFeelPixel™ automatically creates audio-tactile sensations based on image.
- iFeelPixel™ works with all Windows program that has image.

e.g. Video Games, pictures, free chatrooms, free web cams, electronic computer


Is it a vision substitution software for the blind?

Not exactly...iFeelPixel™ is a vision complementary software.
It can't replace vision, but it can complement vision with additional informations.
Tactile and sound help augment poor vision.

If you are seeking a vision substitution software for the blind and even artificial sight.
Please check out the vOICe website.

About Synesthesia:
This is a rather peculiar condition in which the senses get cross-wired.
For example, a person with synesthesia may "see" sounds, "hear" colors,
or "feel" tastes; the stimulation of one sense stimulates another.


Is iFeelPixel™ Available in other languages than english?

- The iFeelPixel™ website can be translated into different languages,
making this a very rare, internationally appealing site:
Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc...
Please select a language and our website will be translated on-the-fly.
This service is provided by Google.

- The iFeel Mouse Package is available in english, Danish, German, etc...

- The iFeelPixel™ Software is only available in english. We are planning to localize international version very soon. Thanks for your patience. Please contact us if you want to help for the translation.


Where can I get a speech add-on for iFeelPixel?

You must download and install:
Microsoft Speech API file (speech add-on, part I)
A Text-To-Speech engine (English Package L&H) (speech add-on, part II)

You can also download Additional Text-To-Speech engines (speech add-on, part III)

That's all!


Can I feel TV, Movies or Video Games?

Yes, you can feel movies (DVD, divx, trailers, *.avi, *.mpg, etc...) from Windows Media Player and other players that do not use overlay technology.
Also, you can feel live television images and video games.

View more infos about Video Games...

View more infos about Simple Movies...

View more infos about DVD Movies...

View more infos about Live Television...


What is a "License to touch"?

A "License to touch" is a license key to activate your copy of iFeelPixel on your machine.
We are protecting the iFeelPixel software against sharing of license keys, the use of pirate copies and against any abuse.

Here your benefits by activating iFeelPixel:
- No more time limit (your license code will never expire)
- No more activation restriction
- No more nag screen on exit
- No more registration reminder
- Free updates
- Priority help and support, private forum access
- Preferential treatment for feature requests
- Free software sample, bundles, bonus, coupons and special offers

Find more informations about activation of iFeelPixel in our support section.


What is a "promo code"?

Promo codes allow us to monitor how you found out about us.
This allows us to advertise in the most effective ways and thank people for promoting us.


What is a Pixel?

The Pixel (a word invented from "picture element": "pix" for picture, "el" for element) is the dot element (usually a single-colored dot) that, together with others, constitutes an image on a video screen or in print. It is the basic unit of the composition of an image on a television screen, computer monitor, or similar display.


Why did not I receive Email about iFeelPixel software?

We send you a message, when you submit your email address to download iFeelPixel software or when we release a new iFeelPixel version (If you choose to keep in touch).
If you do not get this email from us, that means maybe you provided an incorrect email address or our message has been filtered by error (misconfigured email filters) or you choose to not receive emails from us.

Solution: Go through the "Trash box" or "Spam box" first and glance through it to make sure, your email filter has not captured our email by error, before resubmitting the form.
If you find our message, please Click the "This is not Junk/Spam" icon at the top of the message.

Alternative solution: Please try to submit the form again with a different email domain, (preferably your corporate email, and not a Hotmail, AOL, or Yahoo account) and add our email address to your "email address book".

Make sure you don't miss out on any iFeelPixel Newsletters;
please add ifeelpixel.com domain to your address book. Thanks!

If the form doed not work with your browser, please send an email. Thanks.

Another solution: please stay connected with our iFeelPixel blog, iFeelPixel news [XML] for newsreaders or by following us on Twitter.

We apologize for any inconveniences.


What is ASL?

American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual-gestural language created by Deaf people with its own unique grammatical rules and sentence structure, and is used as the primary means of communication by approximately 500,000 Deaf Americans and Canadians.

Sign language is a language that you speak with your hands, for people that can't talk or hear. When you can't hear or have severe hearing problems, you are called deaf.  It is called mute when you can't talk. 

Like spoken languages, ASL includes slang, expressions and puns. ASL has evolved from a combination of Old French Sign Language, and a "dialect" used by communities in Martha's Vineyard from the 17th to the beginning of the 20th century. Martha's Vineyard had an unusually high incidence of hereditary deafness for many generations. Like any other living language, ASL continues to evolve.

See also: Signs (A-Z, 0-9) or ASL browser or International Sign Language


What is a file with the extension IFR/IVT?

The iFeelPixel software starts and stops touch effects from an Immersion Force Resource (IFR) or Immersion VibeTonz (IVT) file on a touch-enabled device (tactile mouse or tactile mobile)
An IFR/IVT file is the output of an effect design session in Immersion TouchSense/VibeTonz Studio®.

View more informations about Immersion TouchSense Studio or Immersion VibeTonz Studio.

Download IFR complete package or IFR individual file for iFeelPixel software.

Please extract Immersion Force Resource (IFR) in the IFR folder located usually at:
"c:\program files\iFeelPixel\IFR" or "c:\iFeelPixel\IFR"

Download IVT mobile package or IVT mobile file for iFeelPixel software.

Please extract Immersion VibeTonz (IVT) files in the IVT folder located usually at:
"c:\program files\iFeelPixel\IVT" or "c:\iFeelPixel\IVT"


Why I cannot see tactile effects inside an IFR/IVT file?

Problem: The IFR/IVT file looks empty (There is no effect listed in the list box).

If there is a failure for any reason (device problem, file problem,
etc.) you may not be able to see the contents of the file.

Solution: See Error Message in status bar of Force Ressource or Tactile Mobile Options.

1. No TouchSense device was found
2. Cannot allocate the project
3. Cannot find or open the URL/IFR
4. Empty URL/IFR passed

1. Cannot unlock: No device is currently opened
2. Could not get device priority
3. Could not load the effect list
4. Could not get effect definition
5. Device Not attached
6. 0 device(s) enumerated
7. Immersion VibeTonz Studio is not installed / Immersion VibeTonz Service is not started.


Does the current version of iFeelPixel work with the Service Pack 2 or SP3 for XP?

Yes, it does. The current version of iFeelPixel is compatible with the Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Service Pack 3 (SP3) for Windows XP.

Windows XP SP2/SP3 users: if you cannot run the setup executable, please download the Zipped version of iFeelPixel then extract the contents to a folder of your choice (Recommended folder: C:\iFeelPixel, create the folder if it does not exist).

. List of fixes included in Windows XP Service Pack 2

. Programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality when they run on a Windows XP Service Pack 2-based computer

. Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers

Note: The latest update to Internet Explorer, WinXP SP2, has implemented additional security features which hinder the installation of Active X controls. Additional steps are required to install the Immersion Web Plug-in / Active X control on Windows XP SP2 systems or Immersion ImmVibe ActiveX Interface installation on Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2


Does iFeelPixel software is compatible with Windows Vista Operating System?

Yes, iFeelPixel is Windows Vista compatible, including support of visual styles, service packs (SP1 and SP2) and User Account Control (UAC). Administrator and Non-Administrator account can run directly the Setup Package. Per-user settings are in a separate file located under "Application Data" and are requested of the OS in the same manner.

By default, everytime iFeelPixel is started, the visual graphic interface Aero is automatically disabled for compatibility issues and speed latency, but you can enable it if you prefer:

Old version: View > Main display > Uncheck "Disable Aero for compatibility issues"

New version: View > Main display > Uncheck "Disable Desktop Composition (Compatibility)

Next time iFeelPixel is restarted, the graphic interface Aero of Windows Vista will not be disabled.

How to install iFeel Mouse Driver on Windows Vista?


Does iFeelPixel software is compatible with Windows Seven Operating System?

Yes, the latest version of iFeelPixel is Windows Seven compatible including support of visual styles and User Account Control (UAC). Administrator and Non-Administrator account can run directly the Setup Package. Per-user settings are in a separate file located under "Application Data" and are requested of the OS in the same manner. Our Developers have improved stability and compatibility (side-by-side feature). If you want improve your experiences on windows Seven please follow instructions below:

You might notice after successfully installing iFeelPixel on Windows 7 that it is a bit, well, sluggish. For example, resizing windows is a real pain (To fix this problem automatically get the latest setup).

After installing iFeelPixel, you'll want to change the compatibility settings for the executable.

1. Using Windows Explorer, browse the location where you installed iFeelPixel. By default, the path is
"C:\iFeelPixel" or "C:\Program Files\iFeelPixel" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\iFeelPixel"

2. Right click the iFeelPixel.exe program file, and select properties from the context menu.

3. Click on the Compatibility tab.

4. Place a check in the following checkboxe:
◦Disable Desktop Composition

After changing these settings, fire up the iFeelPixel application, and things should be back to normal, and the software is no longer sluggish.

Easily Disable Win 7 or Vista’s Aero Before Running an Application (Such as a Video Game)

How to Run a Program in Compatibility Mode in Windows 7

Disable User Account Control In Windows 7

For information, some beta-testers reported the following issues in previous versions:

- Recursive startup errors in Win 7 64 bit, Error loading in DLL (Error 48)

- The Novint Falcon driver is not fully compatibile with Windows Seven Operating System (Slow cursor motion, no force feedback, etc...).
Solution: Please download and install the new Novint Installer. Visit web site Tecassault maintained by John Tsoupanarias dedicated to the Novint Falcon Games.


Does iFeelPixel software is compatible with Windows 8 Operating System?

iFeelPixel is compatible with Windows 8 since version 1.8.0. The Desktop Window Manager (DWM) can no longer be programmatically disabled, nor is it disabled when an application attempts to draw to the primary display surface.

In Windows 8, Desktop Window Manager is always ON and cannot be disabled by end users and apps. As in Windows 7, DWM is used to compose the desktop. In addition to experiences enabled in Windows 7, now DWM desktop composition enables desktop composition for all themes, support for Stereoscopic 3D, and management, separation, and protection of the experience with Windows Store apps.

iFeelPixel package includes Desktop composition disabler for Windows 8.


Does iFeelPixel software is compatible with Windows 10 Operating System?

Yes, iFeelPixel is compatible with Windows 10 since version 1.9, but to improve the "Visual Force Feedback" feature, we recommend to disable "enhance pointer precision" because iFeelPixel automatically changes cursor speed to simulate pseudo-haptic sensation.

The SteelSeries Rival 500/700 is the recommended haptic device to feel tactile feedback. The Novint Falcon is also supported to feel Force Feedback, but TouchSense devices (iFeel Mouse), smartphones and Nintendo Wiimotes are not supported anymore on this operating system.

Sound Feedback with MIDI feature, beeps with Internal Speakers and Narrator with male/female voices are correctly working.


How to disable Mouse Acceleration?

By default in windows, the checkbox labeled Enhance pointer precision is checked. We recommend you to uncheck it to improve your cursor movement. Go to Control Panel and click on the Mouse icon.

  • In the mouse dialog, click on the Pointer Options tab.
  • UnCheck the checkbox labeled Enhance pointer precision.

However, this makes the mouse pointer move very slowly in relation to the movement of the mouse. Disabling acceleration is desirable for some users of Windows, such as CAD users, but making the default mouse speed the only speed is impractical. Source: How to Disable Mouse Acceleration.

You can download the following registry key to Disable Mouse Acceleration (Reboot is required):

Enable Mouse Accelleration (Slower Mouse Speed, default setting)

Disable Mouse Accelleration (Recommended Mouse Speed)

Disable Mouse Accelleration (Faster Mouse Speed)

How To: Disable mouse acceleration, windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 by ShavedAp

The 'MarkC Windows 10 + 8.1 + 8 + 7 Mouse Acceleration Fix' is available for download


How to find my personal Novint Falcon Serial Number?

You can obtain your Falcon ID by following these steps:

1) Navigate to C:\Program Files\Novint\Falcon\TestUtilities\FalconTest
2) Run FalconTest.exe
3) Click 'Open'
4) In the top left hand corner, you will find your Falcon's Serial Number (listed as SN), also known as your Falcon ID. This is what you will need to submit to us when you subscribe.

Another solution is to use USBDeview. It is a small utility that lists all USB devices that currently connected to your computer, as well as all USB devices that you previously used. For each USB device, extended information is displayed: Device name/description, device type, serial number, the date/time that device was added, VendorID, ProductID, and more...

Alternatively, if you still have not receveid your Novint Falcon yet. You can log in to your Novint account and get your serial from your account Info in the "My purchases, My hardwares" area.

Registration for new Falcon users: please contact us with your Falcon serial number.

We will verify the legitimacy of your Serial Number as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

If you already own a Novint Falcon, you can freely try the basic edition or directly register.


Is it safe to install iFeelPixel software on a computer?

Yes, our software is 100% Clean, it is tested regularly with Antivirus program, it is perfectly safe to download and install the official version of iFeelPixel software.

Warning: Please never download a cracked version of iFeelPixel, because cracks contain Trojans and Malicious Viruses.


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