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Awards: Application-driven devices that include gaming or other features that benefit from sensory feedback should include High-Definition haptic technologies to create an instinctive and compelling multi-modal haptics experience that incorporates visual, audio and tactile feedback. They should provide users with the capability to customize haptics settings for their applications.

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iFeelPixel™ association is a nonprofit and independent organization registered at:
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The iFeelPixel association is based in France (Europe).

National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies

CERTIFICATE of IDENTIFICATION to the national directory:
Identifier of the iFeelPixel company N° SIREN 493 835 557
Identifier of the iFeelPixel establishment N° SIRET 493 835 557 00015

INSEE: National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies.


© Copyright iFeelPixel™ Association, all rights reserved, protected by:
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® iFeelPixel™ is a trademark registered at: INPI (National Institute of Industrial property)
INPI - National Institute of Industrial Property


iFeelPixel™ is sponsored by: Regional Counsel PACA
Regional Counsel PACA


iFeelPixel™ uses the TouchSense Technology and the VibeTonz Technology:

Activated with Immersion TouchSense Technology
Immersion Corporation Patents
immersion Vibetonz technology

You can help to diffuse the iFeelPixel technology all over the world. All will benefit!


iFeelPixel is a collaborative project with other international developer and industrial partners:

Industrial Partner: INRIA A research institute at the heart of the information society

THE FRENCH NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH IN COMPUTER SCIENCE AND CONTROL INRIA, the French National Research Institute, plays an active role in technology transfer through solving scientific and technological challenges in IT. The W3C European host until 2002, INRIA actively contributes to seven W3C Working Groups.
W3C Member since 27 April 1995.
"Visual Force Feedback" technology is protected by a french patent (number: 0311302) and by international pending patents.

Developer Partners:

Logitech - computer hardware
Logitech: Holding company with subsidiaries which design, manufacture and market broad range of computer control devices, including mice, trackballs, touchpads, joysticks, gamepads, steering wheels, and pc video cameras. (NASDAQ: LOGI)
Novint Logo

Novint Technologies, Inc. manufactures the Novint Falcon which has won numerous awards, including the IGN BEST OF E3: GEAR AWARD. (OTC: NVNT). Haptic library developed by Novint Advanced group.

Novint Logo

SteelSeries has fueled the gaming industry by creating innovative new products, designed specifically for eSports and passionate gamers everywhere.

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Digital voice/Music by: DJchloe

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For their continued support and their help, special Thanks to:

- Anatole Lécuyer from INRIA
- Leon from Compuvisor
- Peter B.L. Meijer from Philips Research laboratories
- Robert Heubel and from Immersion Corporation
- Ritche Corpus from Logitech
- Tokkyo Nakamura for the Wiimote support (Copyright Nintendo Wii All rights reserved).
- Novint (Bill Anderson, Jonathan Miller, Tom Anderson, Christopher Mc George) for the Haptic Hardware and the haptic library
- SteelSeries Engine Team (Developers of GameSense SDK)

Thanks also to webmasters linking to our website. And...THANK YOU for visiting our website!

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