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Audio-Tactile Companion for Visual Applications Version: 0.6.5
Release Date: April 30, 2004 (Status: stable version released)

(c) Copyright iFeelPixel Association, all rights reserved, protected by IDDN
(R) iFeelPixel is a legal trademark registered at INPI

- Readme

Table of Contents

1. New Features
2. Updated Options
3. New Options
4. Optimizations
5. Others updates
6. Know issues
7. Currently Features

Changes Since 0.5 Beta

1. New Features:

Metronome System


A metronome is a counting device that maintains a constant tone or beat that musicians use to improve their timing.


A metronome is effectively used by first selecting a tempo and then playing rhythms, songs, or scales as closely in time with the beat as possible.

See options >> Metronome system

Metronomoe System options


Internet Time (removed in version 0.9.0)

Internet Time is a "new" way to tell time, invented and marketed by the Swiss watch company Swatch©. The current Internet Time is the same all over the World (No Geographical Borders, no time zones or daylight saving time adjustments). "Internet time: @xxx .beats"

View >> Timer Interval


Mouse over the icon systray >> see tooltip with internet time


American Sign Language (ASL)

The iFeelPixel software can help those who desire to learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) and enable them to communicate more easily with others (communicating with deaf and mute people).

Options >> Morse Engine >> Read character (checked)

See also: Signs (A-Z, 0-9)


Force Feedback (Renamed to "Tactile Feedback" in Beta 8)

- Enable/Disable Force Feedback generated by Immersion TouchSense devices.
Play any tactile effects in Immersion Force Resources (IFR)

File >> Force Feedback (Renamed to "Tactile Feedback" in Beta 8)

Tip: High CPU priority should be checked (Checked by default in beta 6.1).


2. Updated Options

TONAR updated

- Checkbox added: "Read the cursor position".
Read the cursor position on screen with the narrator (Values: Left, Right, Middle, Up, Down)


Morse updated

- Tooltips text updated

- Textbox added: "Last character translated into morse".

- Checkbox added: "Read character"
Read the last character translated into morse, with the narrator and American Sign Language (ASL)

- Link added to Morse Encoder/Decoder webpage: "Online Morse Encoder/Decoder"

- Internal speakers: sound disabled by default (beta 6.4)

- Real audio added (beta 6.4)


Color Detection and Filter updated

- Old sounds replaced by new sounds (Musical Instruments)

- If enabled, Color detection and filter works also for edge, line, corner or texture features

See Options >> Color detection


iFeelSmiley updated (obsolete)

- 2 new smileys added:

. Laughing = :))
same effect as "Big smile" = :D

. Crying = :((
same effect as "Sad face" = :(


Media center

- Quick help steps added:
a) Select drive and folder
b) Select file
c) Select effect

- Message box added:
"Please enable the 'Real Audio/Video' feature to play the file"

- Button added: Unselect file

- "No randomize/ No shuffle" renamed to "Repeat"

- "Bullet time" renamed to "Sound Playback Speed"

- "Bullet time rate" renamed to "Sound playback rate"

- "Colors and others features" renamed to "Colors, others features and Demo Movie"

- "Randomize detection" renamed to "Random detection" (randomize renamed to Random)

- "Timer interval" renamed to "Timer Random"


3. New Options

Opacity Window

Make iFeelPixel transparent. Make the main form disappear by fading smoothly into the background. You can seeing and feeling the pixels trough the transparent main window (like seeing through a ghost).

View >> Main display >> Opacity window

Note: only for Windows 2000 or XP (OS version capable of transparent windows).

Opacity window


4. Optimizations

Optimize RAM (updated)

Every time when you start an application, the application 'borrows' the memory. When you exit the application, it will sometimes 'forget' to 'return' the memory to the system. Thus, the free memory available on your system will be less until you reboot your system. To over come this problem, you need a feature to optimize and recover the 'lost' memory. iFeelPixel finds the Total Physical Memory (RAM) in Mega-octet (Mo) and calculate optimization in percent (%)

View > > Optimize RAM >> RAM amount in percent: 25% (fast); 50%; 75% (slow)


5. Others updates

- Nag screen updated (beta 6.3)

- "Reset Settings" updated and renamed to "Reset Settings to default" (beta 6.3)
File >> Settings >> Reset Settings to Default
This button will help you to bring back to factory default settings.

- Save settings: profile name text box replaced by a list box (beta 6.3)

- Morse engine: "All characters" checkbox, checked by default (beta 6.2)

- "save" and "texture" folders added (beta 6.2)

- Saving/Exporting/Importing Settings (beta 6.1)

If you select a profile that already exists, you will be asked if you want to overwrite that profile. (beta 6.4)

- Software shortcuts file added (beta 6.1)

- Old sounds replaced by new sounds

- Typo and spelling corrected

- Help and "Readme" updated

- "About" updated

- Text options updated

- Messages box updated

- Status bar updated

- Tooltip's updated

- Links updated

- keyboards shortcut updated

- Registration box updated (donation hyperlink added)


6. Know issues

- 'Internet time' can't find time zone, iFeelPixel software can't be started (Fixed beta 6.5).

- Window taskbar is hidden, if 'stay on top' is unchecked (Fixed beta 6.5).

- Media Center: tactile effects are not stopped correctly, if IFR are changed (Fixed beta 6.3).

- Status iFeelPixel: Volume value repeatedly appears (Fixed beta 6.3).

- Some Settings are not restored/resetted correctly (Fixed beta 6.3).

- Texture preset and Profile name: duplicate items in listbox (Fixed beta 6.3).

- Restore settings: "Timer interval" and "Profile name" are not hidden correctly (Fixed beta 6.3).

- Options Menu bar: "Narrator" is not checked, if Narrator is enabled (Fixed beta 6.3).

- View Menu bar: Compact and Minimal are disabled at startup because "More info" is checked (Fixed beta 6.3).

- Window startup position is always "center screen", old window position is not restored (Fixed beta 6.3).

- Color options: if the path IFR file changes, tactile effects are incorrectly cleared (Fixed beta 6.2).

- View >> More Info >> "Uncheck" doesn't work (Fixed beta 6.2).

- Metronome System : Can't hear the "beat.wav" sound. "beat.wav" renamed to "beat.mp3" (Fixed beta 6.2).

Tip: Use mp3 files instead of wav files.

- Narrator: If the Microsoft Speech API file is not installed, there are minor bugs in resetting the Narrator options to default (Fixed beta 6.2)

- Media Center: Path not found and Hard drive letter incorrect (Fixed beta 6.1)

- "QUARTZ.DLL" causes crashes on older version of windows.

- Message box annoyance: "Transparent windows are only supported in windows 2000 or XP" (Fixed beta 6.1 - removed)

- ASL xhtml file does not open correctly (Fixed beta 6.1)

- Texture generation error (Fixed beta 6.1)

- Presets texture: bug, if "Sandpaper" or "Sandpaper2" is selected (Fixed)

"Sandpaper" renamed to "Sand Paper"
"Sandpaper2" renamed to "Sand Paper2"

- Media center: bug, if "Default Reset" button is pressed. (Fixed)

- Morse engine: Translate "All characters" checkbox doesn't work correctly when "Follow mouse" is enabled (Fixed)

- Morse engine: "follow mouse" can slowdown the PC machine after a few time (Cpu intensive)... (Fixed)

Do events added

- File > > select >> part of screen. After a few time, a border appears on the right (not fixed)

- "corner options" window doesn't return to normal when "stay on top" is unchecked. (Fixed)

- Media center: "home theater" window is not correctly resized (Fixed)

- If you lose Force Feedback sensations in iFeelPixel, please enable again Force Feedback (Fixed)

File >> Force Feedback


7. Currently Features:

- Edge detection
- Line detection
- Corner detection

- Color Detection
- Tactile Grid
- Texture Generation

- Magnifier
- Demo Mode

- Limit zone
- Select part of screen
- Opacity window (New!)

- iFeelSmiley
- Morse
- American Sign Language (New!)

- Metronome (New!)

- Narrator
- Force Feedback (New!)
- Internal PC speakers
- Real Audio
- Media center

- Optimize RAM
- Modify manually iFeelPixel CPU priority
- Internet time (New!)
- Saving/Exporting/Importing/Resetting Settings (New!)


Download iFeelPixel TactileWare

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