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SteelSeries Engine/TouchWare Desktop/F-Gen Stopped Working

Many haptic devices only allow one application at a time to use background mode (full access). Since Immersion TouchWare Desktop, TouchSense Studio, NvENT, F-Gen and iFeelPixel™ TactileWare must acquire your pointing device in background mode to function properly, you should quit one before running the other if you have the following hardware:

1. If you lose sensations in either Touchware Desktop, TouchSense Studio, NvENT, F-Gen or iFeelPixel™ TactileWare, simply exit applications, unplug the device, plug it back in and restart the one you wish to use.

2. If you don't feel tactile alerts with your SteelSeries Rival 500/700 mouse, exit applications, launch SteelSeries Engine, it must be running in background, before start iFeelPixel.

Known issue: SSE not responding/crashing when rapidly sending events.

3. If the Gaming mouse has stopped working, unplug the device, plug it back in, then verify that you use the new version of SteelSeries Engine that fixes "USB RESET by the OS" issue.


Novint Falcon Sliding Issue

If your falcon use to slip and slide. We recommend you to get a Falcon Army Anti-Slip Mat:

Falcon Army Anti-Slip Mat

Black neoprene Anti-slip mat with the Falcon Army logo to keep your Falcon rock steady on your desk while playing.  Neoprene is 4mm thick with textured backing and printed Falcon Army logo on the top which is visible under your Falcon during use. 

falcon mousepad


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