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VibeTonz Immersion VibeTonz file for iFeelPixel

The iFeelPixel software starts and stops touch effects from an Immersion VibeTonz (IVT) file on a touch-enabled smartphone. An IVT file is the output of an effect design session in Immersion VibeTonz Studio®.

Download IVT mobile package

Please extract Immersion VibeTonz (IVT) in the IVT folder located usually at: "C:\Program Files\iFeelPixel\IVT" or "c:\iFeelPixel\IVT" or "C:\Users\*\AppData\Roaming\iFeelPixel"

Replace * by your username account

Instead to download the full package, you can download individuals IVT file:


CallDroppedAtEar, CallMyFriendAtHand

EffectCharacteristics, Emoticons



RingerSample1_Signals, RingerSample2_Funky, RingerSample3_GrooveNoMIDI, RingerSample4_Rock, RingerSample5_Lounge, RingerSample6_MarchNoMIDI, RingerSample7_Winding, RingerSample8_Chase


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