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Grid - Tactile effects library

The Grid effect allows the user's cursor to snap to a node or a line in a grid. It can also repel the user from a node or line.

One possible use of the Grid effect is to have the user's cursor snap to the nodes of a grid as the user resizes a window on the desktop or an object in an application, adding new meaning to the "snap to grid" concept.

The grid effect works on all full force feedback joysticks, steering wheels, gamepads and mice. It does not work on the tactile feedback mouse.


The center, also the same as offset, specifies the location where the first node of the grid is felt on the screen. It is the distance from the left and top edges of the screen to the location where the first node is felt.


Coefficient and strength are interchangeable for a grid. You can adjust the strength to which the user is attracted, or snapped, to a gridline or repelled by it. If the value is positive, then the user is snapped to the lines. If the value is negative, then the user is repelled by the grid lines. You can specify different strength values for horizontal lines and vertical lines. If both the horizontal lines and vertical lines have positive values, then the cursor and users hand will be snapped to the nodes where the lines intersect.


Deadband is the same as Spacing, except unlike Spacing, different values of Deadband cannot be specified in the horizontal and vertical directions.


While you can specify a Duration for a grid, by default its duration is infinite. It is unusual to specify a non-infinite duration for a grid.


Gain is a factor with which you can scale the entire grid effect. It ranges from 0 to 10000 where 0 makes the grid effect unnoticeable and 10000 does not change the grid effect at all.


Same as Center.


Saturation sets the maximum force output possible for the effect. Setting Saturation to its maximum level means don't put any limit on the force output for the grid. Setting Saturation to the lowest level means you won't feel the grid effect at all.


Spacing indicates the amount of space between the horizontal and vertical lines of a Grid. You can specify different Spacing values for the horizontal and vertical directions.


Same as Coefficient.

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