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Welcome to iFeelPixel Association! We are demonstrating the possibilities of haptic technology allowing people to use their sense of digital touch when operating a variety of output devices.

We are introducing the Worlds first USB optical Haptic mouse, when PC users play games it emits Tactile Alerts, when Desktop users open Windows or move over Hyperlinks, it emits soft Vibration.

Our goal is to make accessible and interactive pictures elements. We’ve clearly entered the age of universal digital access, we are listing haptic devices for our users, regardless of disability.

We develop an Universal Multimodal application to help disabled people access computers and interact with their graphical environment through three senses: vision, touch and hearing.

iFeelPixel software provides
visio-tactile sensations, audio-tactile informations and tactile feedback based on pictures elements (Text, Game, Graphics, feel any sort of pixel under your cursor)

iFeelPixel is a collaborative project with international developers and industrial partners:
INRIA, Immersion Corporation, Logitech, Novint Technologies
, SteelSeries Aps Gaming Mice

iFeelPixel main benefits (see iFeelPixel features for details):
. Adds instantly tactile effects and sounds to any image
. Offers a multisensory immersion environment with any graphic
. Feel the web, the desktop, pictures and applications trough haptic peripherals
. Revolutionary technology adds the sense of touch to your computing experience
. Pixel detection, carried out in real time, is announced by haptic effects and tactile sensations

iFeelPixel™ makes palpable pixels on the fly, surf all the web visually, haptically and auditorally.

If it is useful for you to explore the senses of touch, vision and hearing on computer, our products are built around your specific needs:
Desktop accessibility, gaming accessibility, internet accessibility, virtual museums, web cams,
products for visually impaired, haptic devices for blind individuals, alternative of alphabet braille, virtual haptic textile ...

iFeelPixel TactileWare, including vision, audio and touch, enables universal web access:
Sighted people can use the graphical feedback to visualize the data while blind people can use the audio and haptic features to extract information. Feeling is believing!

This is an exciting adventure and you can participate with us for improving
the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and make more accessible internet.
The best of two worlds: When the human touch meets the electronic computer...
"Hand in hand"

"The power of the Web is in its universality.
Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect."

Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and inventor of the World Wide Web

“Touch is natural and intuitive and it will succeed.” The Future of the Internet III, Pew Internet & American Life Project.

"Touch feedback is the future of the digital device user experience," said Craig Vachon, vice president and general manager of Immersion's Mobility line of business

"This technology, called HD Feel, makes it possible to use the effects in the same way we would to create words or letters. It is, in essence, a programmable language created by haptic feedback." Source: ViviTouch turns touch into language with HD Feel By 


iFeelPixel User's Review and Testimonial Extracts

Sound Waves Produce Touch Feedback – Without Touching picture Copyright Iron Man 2015

Please view Tactile Images or try our visual force feedback technology, then download iFeelPixel software that allows a user to feel the pixels on the screen. After evaluation, you are welcome to send your comments and suggestions to help improve our TactileWare:

"I'm very impressed with the iFeelPixel software" Annis T. (Visually impaired grad student at Marshall University, computer science degree)

"That's amazing and great! Brilliant! Many thanks for the resource you shared!" Dr. Longhao Z. (Performance Engineering Laboratory)

"I transcribe for visually impaired students in Scotland and am always looking for new ways to help them learn and access information; whether from re-formatted books or the internet. If you're looking for a potential test group, let me know. I will follow your company's work now. Thank you"
Mrs Robbie D. (Haptic and tactile graphics)

"This Project is very interesting and is getting more interesting since I heart that the vOICe Software can work with it together as well. Since iFeelPixel does work with games, this mean that a blind Person will be able to Play Mainstream Video games with grafics and stuff. I am already excited to try out your software with the SteelSeries Rival mices"
Niklas R. (Visually impaired gamer, Logitech rumble pad II, Microsoft xbox 360 Controller, Wiimote)

"Being able to use tactile feedback for many years and to experience it through a trackball. Your software is enough to make me feel in touch with the past and future again. It is working great and I really appreciate the features you added to this release.
We just need the successor of iFeel Mouse for future years. Such a device combined with the method for hyperlink detection would bring back the good old days of ifeel browsing!"

Clement, Japan (Tested with Logitech iFeel Mouse on Windows XP, Firefox browser)

"Some interesting initial studies show that social presence created by haptic devices has positive effects on virtual mental health therapy, as well as online learning. I'm looking to get help on experiment development - very simple stuff for now (i.e. get two ifeel mice to send and receive haptic signals in an online chat room and/or Skype/videoconference. Thank you so much"
Thomas (Wisconsin-Madison student, Clinical Psychology Department, haptics research)

"Thank you so much! It's buzzing now!" Joseph (Tested with Logitech iFeel Mouse on Windows XP)

"The iFeelPixel software feels so good to use ..." Kitty (Tested with Logitech iFeel Mouseman on Adobe Photoshop and Internet Explorer 8)

"I have just tried your iFeelPixel and I am very impressed! it really is surprising how well it can translate the sense of touch. Again, thanks for the great offer, I will definitely recommend!" (Novint Falcon user)

"Just tried this out on your guys site, its really aweseome! Especially with the novint falcon :)" (YouTube comment)

"The iFeel mouse still works, its better than the most mouses I got, I like it even more than a G5 mouse,
I appreciate the new features of the new version and I like the wii addon with blue tooth I didnt see that before"
Jurgen, Belgium (iFeel Mouse user)

"The most interesting feature was the morse code feature, which seems like it could be helpful to people who are deaf and blind." (Novint Falcon user)

"Haptic rules!" Nicole

"I downloaded iFeelPixel, and it seems really neat. The new version works great! I plan to try it with an actual game." Christopher, USA (Novint Falcon user)

"It is a very nice tool, and you have done a nice job with your software in general. :)"

"I am a professional photographer and the feedback the mouse gives me through this technology is wonderful when editing hundreds of photographs. I can move around quicker and it comes in especially handy when doing tedious editing and altering. I really believe in this technology and was very disappointed when Logitech stopped supporting it. I have used the iFeel mouse on all of my PC's and will continue to do so as long as I am able."
Tod P. (website: PhotoTac)

"Tactile feedback is so important to the computing experience! I really thought it would be a standard feature of every operating system by now" Mike (iFeel Mouse, University of Michigan)

"I tried it on OSG viewer with an open flight model. I think if we could load some string or stretch features etc would be cool" Iswaran (Visual simulation website: Viswire)

"I wish you could bundle the gaming component too. It would be awesome to have this work with all my games." Steve L. (Tested with Logitech iFeel Mouse on Mozilla Firefox Browser and Painkiller Overdose Demo Game)

"Great software" Annette Gorski (Tested with Logitech iFeel Mouse)

"Using Wingman Force Feedback mouse in an experiment to help my daughter with cerebral palsy: she can control her movements when they are stimulated by external sources, eg gravity - hand in free fall a few inches, or steering the hand while I shake it gently. I believe this kind of software can help her." Bo Sundborg

"Dunno what to say, it's great like what it is atm :-)" Maxime (Logitech iFeel Mouse)

"I love this software, I've had it ever since it first came out." Jean M. (Logitech iFeel Mouse)

"It's a good software." Tested by Josh with iFeelMouse

"This is very interesting and impressive." (Korea, iFeel Mouse user)

Game tested with iFeelPixel TactileWare:
Battlefield 2

"This software program is a very good program." Marco

"thanks..... very available.... gooooood.... fun & fun !" Jong (Korea, iFeel Mouse user)

"Interesting - especially texture feature ..." Ken (iFeel Mouse user)

"I like the software. It gave me more options than just the basic immersion software i had." Sara

"I have had the Ifeel mouse for a long time and I LOVE it!!" Dora

"The great point is about the invaluable help that the software could bring to disabled people, to hear, and feel the desktop, used in conjunction with MouseKeys it's also very neat and useful." Juan Pablo G.

"The software is great. I got my mouse working now thanx" Bryant Garzon

"This program is GREAT! It can be useful, and it can be VERY fun.
I and my friends have good time with it. Good job!" Egor, Russia

"Good software." Rossi

"Maybe the hidden application and hook-up for the blind" John C.

"It's cool, I like it, I had good fun with it" Bill C.

Game tested by Bill c. with iFeelPixel:
Unreal Tournament 2004 - Editor's Choice

"Nice free software :-)" Troy, Australia

"It should come with TouchWare Gaming together.
This is a very good conception, just continue doing it!" David, Hungary

Game tested by David with iFeelPixel:
Neighbors from Hell
Software tested by David with iFeelPixel:
InterVideo WINDVD 7 Gold DVD Playback Software

"Liked the software interface." Jody, Canada

"I enjoyed the experience. Look forward to more" Neri

"Nice work guys. Love to have more iFeel-compatible apps out there" Robert

"Really interesting idea and you pulled it off quite well! I've been a long time Force Feedback
programmer (used to work for Immersion)... kudos!" Evan, USA

"Hmm ... very nice ..." Mathias, Danmark

"I use iFeelPixel with a lots of Game Sites, I think it is very interesting to move over
pictures with this technology... this software is very good!" Gildo, Germany

"I find the Morse engine useful as I am learning it." Tom

"Interesting piece of software. I've enjoyed trying out iFeelPixel so far.
Sounds like the beta 0.2 will be great! I'm a researcher at York university working with
force feedback devices to control musical instruments" Stuart Rimell, England

"iFeelPixel is a nice program" Ben

"I just like iFeelPixel cause i now get feedback while surfing using opera.
Since the
Immersion web plugins don't work with opera." Schido, Netherlands

Software tested by Schido with iFeelPixel:
Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Opera Web Browser
Website tested by Schido with iFeelPixel:

"Fun" Dan

"Your iFeelPixel software is very impressive realism and highly tweakable.
iFeelPixel finds the way to improve the experience when we surf the web,
view an image and like most other things that we do on a Personal Computer.
The feeling of touching an image is really good, I don't have any problem
with another TouchWare like Immersion TouchWare Desktop.
I have try to search the web all the way to find games with
Force Feedback, but I didn't find a lot of things...
With your software, any image on desktop become touchable,
this is a fantastic and superb new FF experience.
Perhaps iFeelPixel is the future of Force Feedback experiences for PC,
it has a lot of possibilities like no other software I have ever used.
Thanks a lot for your great work! That's a very gOOd experience!"
Angelo, Italia

Software tested by Angelo with iFeelPixel:
ACDsee picture viewer, image management and photo editing
Websites and images tested by Angelo with iFeelPixel and Internet Explorer


iFeelPixel News and Press room
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Last research shows that haptic feedback (also known as tactile, touch, vibrotactile, or force feedback) has been found to:

- Increase user speed and accuracy
- Reduce complication and stress
- Improve user satisfaction

More information on research performed by companies and universities can be found in the Immersion white paper The Value of Haptics, available at:

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