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Overview - Tactile effects library

Immersion TouchSense Technology provides the designer of a tactile interface with a broad palette of touch effect types. Each available force feedback effect type is a "primitive" - a simple, elemental sensation with a unique set of properties and a specific behavior. A usable effect is created by tuning the properties of a chosen primitive. The tuned effect may then be used either on its own, or in combination with other tuned effects, to create a final, complete effect.

Effects can vary over space (the area of the screen), over time, or both. Some effects can be experienced passively (they happen TO the user), while some, by design, only happen in response to movement or displacement initiated by the user. Effects with a spatial component involve or react to movement or changes in cursor position, and include the following:

Effects with a temporal component involve variation over or repetition in time, and include the following:

Effects playing without requiring participation from the user include:

Effects playing only in response to user movement include:

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