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Novint merges with Forcetek. Introducing a new product on the haptic market: XIO.
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  • Haptic Technology
    Useful links and discussion the TouchSense Technology made by Immersion Corporation and the Touch Technology made by Novint
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  • Haptic Hardware
    Discussion the Immersion TouchSense-enabled computer peripherals (e.g. iFeel Mouse) and the Novint force feedback products (Falcon, XIO)
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  • Haptic Software
    Discussion the Immersion TouchSense-enabled computer software (e.g. TouchWare Studio) and the Novint Interface Software (NVeNT, F-Gen)
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  • Improving Haptic Sensations
    The haptic sensations are subjective... any suggestions?
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  • Future Features
    Discussion of new features and beta versions.
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  • Help and Support
    Do you need assistance? Do you want report a bug? We can help you.
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  • General
    This is the board for General Discussions, open to all participants.
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    For off-topic topics.
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